The courses listed below are a sample of the many courses OWjL camp offers. They are divided into two sections.  The courses listed here are a sampling of courses offered over several years.  They may not all be available during the upcoming camp year. 

Creative Arts and Humanities Courses Math, Science, Logic, and Computer Courses
Adventures in Leadership / Beginning and Advanced Anatomy 101: Introduction to Body Systems through Fetal Pig Dissection
Calligraphy 1, 2, 3 Art and Sport of Boomerangs
Classical War Gaming Bluebird Trail Management
Comedy and the Art of Improv Computer Composer
Cooking with a Flair! Digital Photography - Fix it Up! and Shoot it Up!
Creative Cartooning Microscopic Myth Busters
Fantastic Fiction Murder in the Chem Lab
Divine Desserts Premier Chess
Hunger Games River Rats
Yoga Robotics (Basic and Advanced)
You're on Trial Survivor

Note: The courses listed below are not a complete listing but a small sample of the past classes.

Creative Arts and Humanities Courses

Adventures in Leadership / Beginning and Advanced
Chet Snouffer
Owner, The Jungle Gym Adventure Center, Delaware, Ohio

Somewhere between climbing the rock wall, hurtling down the zip line, and then actually teaching a class of six year olds, it hits you —this is WAY MORE than just another OWjL Class. In this class, we learn skills, traits, and techniques of effective leadership by DOING! Come join us on high and low rope course elements, team challenges, rock climbing, and more.  In the advanced class, only if you have taken this class previously, you will learn more skills, lead more classes, and face more challenges.

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Sandy Mundy
Free Lance Artist and Calligrapher

The techniques of a calligrapher are the same today as they were of scribes centuries ago. Learn alphabet styles that were developed in medieval times when books and documents were lettered by hand. Italic and Old English are written with a broad edge pen and have many applications with contemporary lettering artists. Learn terminology that applies to these fascinating characters that make up our alphabet. Calligraphy introduces you to the techniques of ancient scribes, combined with modern materials, colors and variations. Design and make calligraphic items that will reflect your skill as a scribe. Calligraphy is an art anyone can learn. 

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Introduction to Classical War Gaming
Matt Myers
Teacher, Olentangy Local Schools

Classical War Gaming is much like the game of chess, but war games don’t use a 64-square chessboard or stylized pieces. The game board is a geographical replica of an actual battlefield and the game pieces are the historical units that participated in the battle. Classical war games depict real and imagined battles from early history all the way to the future. With new knowledge of strategy and tactics, you'll be able to rewrite history!

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  Divine Desserts
Kit Gordon
Retired Teacher, Delaware City Schools

Students will prepare gourmet desserts from around the world that are both delicious and easy to prepare. This class is a learning experience for those who have never cooked before, but also challenging for students who have already had experience in the kitchen. The best thing is: we eat everything we cook!!

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Comedy and the Art of Improv
Joy Reilly, Ph.D.
OSU Associate Professor of Theatre

This class will focus on comedy and the art of improvisation. You will need to do lots of actor exercises to stimulate the imagination, improve concentration, and help get rid of self-consciousness. Anyone, especially those who are shy, can learn the skills of the actor to improve their own self-image and to have fun! The final “on stage” session at the Friday OWjL Camp Review will demonstrate some of the week’s creative process.

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Cooking with a Flair!
Carol Dixon
Teacher, Columbus City Schools

Learn how to prepare quick, easy, and fun foods for you and your family. We will prepare from scratch to make tasty meals a success; and there will be plenty for everyone to taste at every class. Join us for this enjoyable hands-on experience in the world of food as we work our way up the ladder of the Food Guide Pyramid!

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Creative Cartooning & Illustration
Joe Peck
Art Teacher, Jonathan Alder School District

Come show off your creative side in this fun & exciting drawing class. With these helpful tips and lessons, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a cartoon-creating machine. In this course, you’ll learn how to draw goofy people, funny animals, whacky robots, and much more. Then, you’ll apply what you’ve learned each day & let the creativity begin! Don’t worry…In this class, you ARE allowed to doodle! There are simply no limits to what you can create!

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Fantastic Fiction:  Writing Great Stories
David Waselko
Teacher, Buckeye Valley Schools

Students will study areas of fiction including:  character, dialogue, details, planning and plotting, sentence patterns, and journaling.  Students will work on a journal that will encourage and facilitate future writings.  Mini-lessons on various aspects of fiction will be covered, with some focus on improving knowledge and skills the students already possess.

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Hunger Games
Erik Burgeson
Library Media Specialist, Worthington City Schools

You've read the books and seen the movie. Are you ready to participate in the ultimate discussion and activity group? You can create your own Hunger Games persona and participate in fun, interactive events such as the Cornucopia, a logic-based hunt for items used in the games. The week culminates in a scavenger hunt/live-action role playing version of The Hunger Games. Don't miss out. The odds may never again be in your favor.

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Yoga Fun
Loretta Zedella

Yoga Instructor, Ohio Wesleyan University

Yoga is very popular with people of all ages and all abilities; and in this class, we’ll explore why as we learn Yoga in a fun and safe environment. Let’s challenge ourselves as we try different Yoga poses, and link them to a breathing pattern. It will help us feel both energized and relaxed. You’ll also get to have fun while learning how to use Yoga to help you with life’s challenges, such as dealing with moving, deadlines, and making friends. No experience is necessary. Please dress comfortably.

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You’re on Trial
Jon Brush
Teacher, Columbus City Schools

Experience the excitement of arguing a case in front of a judge and jury! Stand up to the pressures of the witness stand in a court of law! In this class, you will prepare for and participate in a mock trial that will teach you about our legal system. You will become a defendant, lawyer, witness, or bailiff in a criminal case that will be presented before an impartial judge and jury. The first three days of class will be spent preparing the case and planning strategies. The final two days of class will be the trial itself, which is held in an actual courtroom. Join us on an adventure through the criminal justice system!

Math, Science, Logic, and Computer Courses

Premier Chess
Kyle Jones
Chess Coach, Columbus Alternative High School

Come experience the most played game in the United States, while making lasting friendships and preparing yourselves for the rigors of chess tournament play. This exciting, yet challenging course provides students the opportunity to analyze, create, and share their ideas about variations, games, and tactics. By the end of the camp, each camper will be given the tools to begin competing at local, state, and national tournaments. 

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Anatomy 101:  Introduction to Body Systems through Fetal Pig Dissection
Katrina Ellis
Teacher, Olentangy School District

Welcome to Anatomy 101, Where learning about the body is incredibly fun.

I will lecture and you will learn. Therefore, a privilege you will earn.

Using scissors to dissect, Body systems you will inspect.

With laboratory safety always in use, Only the non-squeamish we need recruit.

Calling all campers! Please jump in! Anatomy 101: Intro to Body Systems…let’s begin!

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Bluebird Trail Management
Richard Tuttle
Retired Science Teacher, Active Conservationist

Holding and examining young birds are highlights of this course. You will inspect active nests in nest boxes to compare life histories, growth and development, and adaptations of Eastern Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, and House Wrens. You will place leg bands on nestlings and experience other techniques practiced by field ornithologists. Other adventures include exploring the OWU Zoology Museum and building a high-quality bluebird nest box. This course will launch a lifetime interest in wild birds! (On three days we will leave the dorm 30 minutes early for field trips.)

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Digital Photography-Fix it Up!
Liz Dale-Priestly
Ohio Wesleyan University Staff

You have the photos, now what you really want to do is play around with them. Make that extra person disappear, add something from another photo, how about some special effects, and distortions that can totally change the look of your photo? This class will focus on editing photos, (we’ll be takingsome) using a variety of editing software. If you have digital photos from home that you would like to use for editing – bring them with you on a cd or flash drive! This class requires a comfortable ability to navigate around the computer. 





Digital Photography-Shoot it Up!
Liz Dale-Priestley

Ohio Wesleyan University Staff

Sure, you know how to push the button to take a picture, but how do you take a GOOD picture? Now is your chance to experiment with a digital camera. What ARE all those settings on the camera? Simple hints that can help you take better photos! This class will focus on taking photos, how to organize them and how to best share them with friends and family. We will use a substantial part of our time taking photos in different locals, inside and out. You will learn how to take photos off your camera and save them onto a flash drive. And last but not least, it’s always fun to share pictures, so we will learn how to safely post photos online!


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Computer Composer
Kevin Grassel
Vocal Music, Columbus City Schools

Ever wondered how Mozart would write his music in today’s high tech, computer-generated world? Well, let’s explore the cool things you can do with a computer and your creative, musical ideas. We will learn some basic music theory and print publisher-quality sheet music that you will write! We will even record your composition from the computer so you can take it home and show it off to mom and dad! No previous musical experience is needed, just a desire to learn and some creative ideas!

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Todd Stanley
Gifted Coordinator, Reynoldsburg Schools

The name of the game is simple; outwit, outplay, outlast. The class will be divided up the first few days into tribes that will complete against one another. Contests of the brains as well as brawn will determine which of the tribes are able to survive (make sure you bring a swimsuit for the water challenges). The last two days students will compete in individual contests to determine once and for all who the ultimate survivor is.

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Microscopic Myth Busters
Laura Tuhela-Reuning
Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University

It’s time to challenge all those myths you’ve heard about the microscopic world! Is it really OK to eat a cookie that you dropped on the floor if you pick it up within 5 seconds? Do those liquid hand sanitizers really work? Are there really as many bacteria on a computer keyboard as on a toilet seat? Is “double dipping” in the chip dip bowl a big deal? We will use light microscopes, dissecting microscopes, even a scanning electron microscope to explore these questions and others. After analyzing your data, you might have the opportunity to say, “Myth – BUSTED!!”

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Murder in the Chemlab
Philip A. Lampe
Teacher, Upper Arlington City Schools

There’s evil lurking in the lab, murder most foul, and you’ve been assigned to the case. Solve this chemical “who-dunnit” by performing experiments and analyzing patterns that provide clues to the murder. Experiments include the chemistry of invisible inks, crystal gardens, making "gold,” chromatography, acid-base chemistry, and making ice cream! You might be the next Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot!

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River Rats
Tom Bogard
Science Teacher, Olentangy Local Schools

Through hiking, wading, sampling, and testing, students will explore and discover the wonders of the Olentangy River watershed. Participants will examine the physical, chemical, biological, and human factors that affect the Olentangy River and its tributaries. Each day, we will travel by van to a different location along the river. Bring your sense of adventure (a must!) willingness to get wet (and a little dirty), along with a desire to learn and be one of the River Rats!

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Michael Vernier
Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Student in Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University he Ohio State University

During this course, students will use the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotic kit to learn basic design and programming techniques that are used in robotics. Students will learn how to program the robot to complete several tasks using the NXT-G graphical programming environment. Through the use of sensors, the students will program the robots to detect and manipulate objects and navigate through an environment using measured distances and marked paths. Students will also explore the design of mechanisms by building and programming one for their robots. 

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Art and Sport of Boomerangs
Chet Snouffer
2000 National Champion - 2000 U.S. Boomerang Team Captain, Sydney, Australia

Chet Snouffer is the most decorated US Boomerang thrower in history. With 3 World Championships and 12 US National Championships to his name, Snouffer has traveled the world throwing, competing, and promoting this fascinating sport for 40 years!  In the Boomerang Class you will learn how to make and throw several types of boomerangs, from the short range tri-bladers to mid-range wood models and specialty competition ‘ranges! We study the Aboriginal influence on these flying wonders, and even learn to play didgeridoo (well, you’ll at least TRY to play the didgeridoo!).  We spend our time making, decorating and throwing “sticks” all week long, culminating with the now-famous Boomerang Competition on Friday, complete with prizes and more!

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