Ohio Wesleyan's faculty are highly respected and widely published experts in almost every field of learning and world affairs. And they convey their knowledge through inspiring and effective teaching.

Many of these experts are available through our Faculty Speakers Bureau to speak at high school programs and classes, and to community and civic organizations.

To request an OWU faculty speaker for your school or organization, please complete our Faculty Speaker Request Form. We will contact the faculty member, make the arrangements, and notify you. While we will accommodate as many requests as possible, schedule conflicts and demands upon faculty members' time make it difficult to complete all requests.

Speaking Topics

Chinese History (1910-1940)

Animal Behavior & Evolution
Careers in Biology Lab Research

Botany & Microbiology
Plants in a Changing Global Environment
Exploring Linkages Between Food and the Environment

Business and Economics
Accounting (Public and Forensic)
International Financial Reporting
Mexican Migration to Central Ohio

Classical Mythology
Classical Art and Archaeology
Ancient Greek History
Ancient Roman History
Greek and Latin Language and History
Greek and Latin Literature
Influence of the Classics on the Contemporary World

College Preparation
College Admissions
The College Search Process
Financial Aid & Filling Out the FAFSA

Communications & Public Speaking
Communication Skills in Today's World

Comparative & Global Literature
Eighteenth-Century Literature & Philosophy
Fashion & Literature
Folklore & Folk Customs
Japanese Literature & Culture
Russian Literature & Culture

Creative Writing
Life as a Mystery Writer
The Writing Process

Dance in Higher Education: It's More Than a Set of Steps
Dance Theory, Practice and Literacy

Choosing a Preschool/Childcare Program
Fostering Young Children’s Inherent Math Abilities
Talking About Difficult Issues with Young Children

Literary Criticism

Geology, Earth Science, & Global Climate
Climate Change & Its Impacts
Impact of Deforestation and Urbanization
Remote Sensing Using Satellites & Drones

Health & Human Kinetics
Simple Strategies to Control Your Metabolism and Prevent Obesity
The Hormonal Response to Exercise
Movement Screening: How to Identify Potential Injury Risks Prior to Sports or Physical Activity
Exercise for Fat Loss

British History
Modern European History
The Protestant Reformation
Twentieth-Century U.S. History

Latin America
US-Mexico Border Region

Early History of Girl Detectives
Eighteenth-Century Literature & Philosophy
Fashion & Literature
Folklore & Folk Customs
Ghost Stories by Women Writers

Japanese Literature & Culture
Russian Literature & Culture

Modern Foreign Languages
Learning a Second Language

American Folk Music Traditions
Being a Double Major in Music
College Auditions
Creating & Composing Music
Electronic/Computer Music
Music at Ohio Wesleyan and in Delaware
Music Performance and Preparation
Music Teaching
Playing the Oboe
Sound Art
Studying Music

Philosophy and Women’s & Gender Studies
Feminism/Feminist Philosophy
The Zapatistas
Environmental Philosophy
“Enlightenment” Philosophy
Immanuel Kant’s idea of “Enlarged Thought”
Diversity and Multiculturalism
Marx’s Theory of Ideology
The Question of What It Means to Be “Wise”
The Discourse of War
Martin Luther King’s essay, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

Politics & Government
Democracy & Dictatorship
Human Rights
International Civil Wars
Latin American Politics
Protest Movements

Psychology & Neuroscience
Brain Anatomy
Media & Brain Development
Memory & Aging
Video Games & the Brain
Drugs and the Brain

Asian Religions & Culture
A Woman's Experience Living in a Muslim Country in the 1980's as a Peace Corps Volunteer
World Religions

North Korea

The Performing Arts Profession
Stage Design