Ohio Wesleyan faculty drafted, signed, and posted this letter on July 16, 2021. Subsequently, OWU staff have declared their support, adding their signatures to the letter.

We, the undersigned faculty of Ohio Wesleyan University, believe that it is our duty to promote the health and well-being of our students and the entire OWU community, which is why we are compelled to speak out in support of Ohio Wesleyan’s student vaccination requirement. The COVID-19 vaccines that are FDA authorized are the most heavily scrutinized vaccines in history and more than 3.5 billion doses have already been administered worldwide. The safety and efficacy of these vaccines globally is reported daily by multiple news sources, and the demand for evidence of their safety by government regulators and everyday Americans is unlike any other vaccine. The vaccines have repeatedly been shown to be safe and highly effective, and even reduce transmission to others, helping to keep everyone in the community safer, particularly those individuals that cannot be vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines make possible the full return to the rich learning environment we were forced to abandon over the past year, without the need for masks or social distancing or restricted gatherings. Therefore, we fully support the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students, with the necessary exemptions for documented health risks or religious beliefs.

Laurel J. Anderson, Professor, Biological Sciences and Environment & Sustainability
Mark Allison, Associate Professor, English, and Co-Director, University Honors Program
Denisse Amaro, Instructor, World Languages & Cultures
Suren Ambegaokar, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Neuroscience
Barbara Andereck, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Kira Bailey, Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Jeremy Baskes, Professor, History
Ashley Biser, Associate Professor, Politics & Government
Henry Blume, Visiting Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures
Kristina Bogdanov, Professor, Fine Arts, and Chair, Fine Arts
Laura Brice, Lecturer, Chemistry
Amy Butcher, Associate Professor, English, and Director, Creative Writing
Scott Calef, Professor, Philosophy and Religion
David Caplan, Professor, English
Frank Chiou, Associate Professor, Music, and Chair, Performing Arts Department
Ji Young Choi, Associate Professor of Politics & Government
Antoine Clark, Instructor in Music, Performing Arts
Andrea Colvin, Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures, Interim Associate Dean
Nancy Comorau, Associate Professor, English
David Counselman, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures
Mary Anne Lewis Cusato, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures, and Co-Director, Global Studies Institute
Phokeng Dailey, Assistant Professor, Communication
Paul Dean, Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology
Patricia DeMarco, Professor, English, and Program Director, AMRS
Nicholas Dietrich, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Vicki DiLillo, Professor, Psychology
Roisin Dougherty, Instructor, Health & Human Kinetics
Amy Downing, Professor, Biological Sciences
Rich Edwards, Professor of Music, Performing Arts
Michael Esler, Professor, Politics & Government
Christopher Fink, Associate Professor, Health & Human Kinetics
Michael Flamm, Chair, History
Erin Flynn, Professor, Philosophy
Harvey Freeman, Emeritus Professor, Psychology
Anne Fry, Professor Emerita of Zoology
Jeffrey Ford, Instructor, English
James Franklin, Professor, Politics and Government
Eric Gangloff, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Will Georgic, Assistant Professor, Economics & Business
Emily Hanafin, Yoga Instructor, Health & Human Kinetics
Jesse Hysell, Assistant Professor, History
Robert J. Gitter, Professor, Economics
Brian Granger, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
Sarah Graves, Lecturer, English
Heather Grunkemeyer, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Susan Gunasti, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion and Africana, Gender, & Identity Studies
Lynda Hall, Emeritus Professor, Psychology
Danielle Hamill, Professor, Biological Sciences
Shala Hankison, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Bob Harmon, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Richard Hawes, Professor Emeriti, Health & Human Kinetics, Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Kyle Helfrich, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Melanie Henderson, Associate Professor, Psychology
Vanessa Hildebrand, Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology
Frank Hobbs, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
David Johnson, Biological Sciences
Sarah Kaka, Assistant Professor, Education
Bona Kang, Assistant Professor, Education
John Krygier, Professor, Environment & Sustainability
Carl Laamanen, Instructor, English
Dave Lever, Emeritus Professor, Chemistry
Scott Linder, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Jennifer Garrette Lisy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Education
Zackariah Long, Associate Professor, English
William C. Louthan, Politics and Government
Barbara MacLeod, Professor of Business Administration
Antron Mahoney, Assistant Professor, Africana, Gender, & Identity Studies
Sean McCulloch, Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Joan M. Manter, Instructor, Economics & Business
David Markwardt, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, and Chief Health Professions Advisor
Jay Martin, Head Men’s Soccer Coach and Professor, Health & Human Kinetics
Stephanie L. Merkel, Associate Professor, English, and Rebecca R. Brown Chair in Humanities
Blake Michael, Professor, Religion 
Nancy Murray, Curator, The Jason Swallen Herbarium, Biological Sciences
Sarah Myers, Instructor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Franchesca Nestor, Assistant Professor, Politics & Government
Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures
Liz Nix, Health & Human Kinetics
Michele Nobel, Assistant Professor, Education
Jeffrey Nunemacher, Parrott Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Tami Panhuis, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Eva Paris-Huesca, Associate Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures
Allen Pistner, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Randolph Quaye, Professor and Co-Director, Africana, Gender, & Identity Studies
Jon Quick, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Saif Rahman, Associate Professor, Economics
Dustin Reichard, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Nathan Rowley, Associate Professor, Environment and Sustainability
Eugene Rutigliano, Digital Initiatives Librarian & Curator, OWU Historical Collection
Bradford Sadler, Lecturer of Theatre, Performing Arts
Mark Schwartz, Emeritus Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Alejandra Rojas Silva, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Ali Skandor
, Associate Professor, Africana, Gender, & Identity Studies
Goran Skosples
, Associate Professor, Economics and Business
Martine Stephens, Director, OWU Writing Center, Coordinator of Peer Tutoring Programs, and Senior Lecturer, English
Michelle Storms, Instructor, Physics & Astronomy
Barbara Terzian, Associate Professor, History
Katie Thomas, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Brad Trees, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Rita Trimble, Lecturer, Africana, Gender, & Identity Studies
Laura Tuhela-Reuning, CPT Professor and Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Chelsea Vadnie, Assistant Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience
Glen Vanderbilt Jr., Professor Emeritus of Theatre & Dance
Garry Wasserman, Instructor, Music
Harold Wiebe, Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
Chris Wolverton, Professor, Biological Sciences
Julide Yazar, Associate Professor, Economics & Business
Jon Younkman, Assistant Professor, Economics & Business

OWU Staff Supporting the Faculty Statement

Mindy Agin, Career Connection
Danielle Bailey
, Career Connection
Sean Bolender
, Lecturer, Business Administration, and Public Safety
Mike Brockfield
, OWU Campus Store
Melinda Burke
, University Advancement
Elaine Chun, Media Center
Kirsta Cobb, Athletics
Kristin Crosby, Admission
Karlyn Crowley, Provost
Maura Donahue, Finance & Administration
Sean Duffy, Public Safety
Julie Duhigg, Counseling Services
Megan Ellis, Career Connection
Brian Emerick, Residential Life
Leigh Ann Emmons, Academic Affairs
Kaiden Evans, Admission
Beth Fedoush, English and World Languages & Cultures
Erin Fletcher, Ross Art Museum
Dave Frohman, Admission
Kellie Hall, Early Childhood Center
Cole Hatcher, University Communications
Ashley Hejmanowski, Chemistry Department
Melissa Hill, Libraries
Lisa Ho, International & Off-Campus Programs
Tammy Hunter, Accounting
Chad Johns, Chaplain's Office
Imogene Johnson, Human Resources
Ryan Jordan, University Advancement
Will Kopp, University Communications
Sally Leber, Community Service Learning
Ed Lenane, University Advancement
Tammy Lowks, President’s Office
Janice Lovat, Admission
Adrienne Luke, Sagan Academic Resource Center
Pam Majors
, Beeghly Library
Leigh Mascolino
, Career Connection
Jake McNabb, University Advancement
Jaime Milburn, Registrar’s Office
Ryan Motevalli-Oliner, Admission
Emma Neeper, President’s Office
Mel Nelson, Human Resources
Kelly Newell, Registrar's Office
Patty Newby, University Advancement
Laurie Patton, Admission
Emily Paetz, Residential Life
Kevin Paskvan, Financial Aid
Joe Peterson, Information Services
Betsy Reser, Purchasing
Rosemary E. Riley, Health & Human Kinetics
M. Brooke Robertshaw, Office of Institutional Effectiveness  
Benjamin Rottersman, Residential Life
Stephanie Rowland, Sagan Academic Resource Center
Kirk Rustin, Information Services
Jay Scheffel, Buildings & Grounds
Brenda Semit, Athletics
David Soliday, Information Services
Don Stevens, Perkins Observatory
Ruth Szukala, Ross Art Museum
Lisa Tabak, Biological Sciences
Dwayne Todd, Student Engagement & Success
Lauren Vermilion, University Advancement
Katie Webster, University Advancement
Matt Weiss, Athletics
Katy Wood, Sagan Academic Resource Center
Doug Zipp, Athletics