Daily Self-Assessments

All students, faculty, and staff are required to complete a self-assessment every day to screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

OWU is using a mobile app to aid in this effort. It will prompt you every morning to check for symptoms, provide an assessment, and give you instructions should your report suggest the possibility of infection. This information will be recorded in an administrator interface that allows designated employees to follow up with you for further screening and, if necessary, initiate plans for further actions (such as quarantine, isolation, or medical transport).

To protect the safety of everyone in our campus community, please do not attend class if you feel ill or if you’ve been exposed to the virus. Faculty have course plans that include alternate learning activities for students not able to attend class. These may include participating via remote connections, viewing recordings of class activities, and completing alternate assignments.

See this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site for coronavirus symptoms.

Ongoing Viral Testing

Beyond the initial viral test done at the start of the semester, we will conduct ongoing viral testing of students throughout the semester to monitor the potential rate of infection and spread. We anticipate retesting 200 students every week through the remainder of the semester.

Isolation and Quarantine

If the University receives notice that a student has tested positive for the virus, the student will be contacted by a member of the Dean of Students staff and moved into isolation, into a building on campus reserved solely for students isolated because of the virus. They will have a private bedroom with a community bathroom (separated by gender).

If the University determines that a student has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the student will be contacted by a member of the Dean of Students staff and moved into quarantine, into a private room on campus with a private bathroom.

With both isolation and quarantine, students will be required to remain in their spaces until the Delaware Public Health District clears them to resume normal activities. Students also have the option of returning home for their isolation/quarantine period. All students will be assigned a Care Coordinator who will check in with them daily to make sure their needs are met.

Students concerned that they may have been exposed could be asked to "soft quarantine" while awaiting a test result or more information from the health department. Students following a "soft quarantine" protocol are able to get their own food or mail, for example, but are asked to maintain extra distance, wear a mask, not eat meals with others, etc. 

Students in isolation or quarantine will be able to continue with their classes if their health permits. Faculty members have course plans that include alternate learning activities for students not able to attend class. In some cases students who are unable to be in the classroom may be able to participate via remote connections; in others, they may view recordings of class activities; and in still others, they may be given alternate assignments.

All students in isolation or quarantine:

  • Receive delivered meals from AVI (our campus dining provider) in individual portions and left in a safe location for pick-up.
  • Will have their rooms deep-cleaned by ABM (our cleaning services provider) after each vacancy.
  • Are contacted daily by assigned OWU Care Coordinators, who check their status and make sure their needs are met.

For more Isolation and Quarantine information, visit our Safe Campus Guide FAQ.

Contact Tracing

Individuals who have tested positive for the virus will be interviewed as quickly as possible to identify those individuals with whom they have had close contact within the past 4 days. “Close contact” is defined by public health officials as a 15-minute encounter within 6 feet of each other.

Delaware Public Health District officials will conduct the contact tracing process and will communicate with the university as appropriate regarding individuals who need to be quarantined or isolated. They will monitor the condition of those individuals to determine when they can be removed from quarantine or isolation. The university will provide information necessary for county officials to properly conduct contact tracing, including data such as classroom rosters, roommate rosters, athletic team rosters, etc.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

OWU Student Health Services