May 14, 2021


WHEREAS the world is experiencing its first global pandemic in a century, with more than 155 million people infected and more than 3.2 million lives lost, changing the very fabric of society and requiring unprecedented collaboration, innovation, and leadership, and

WHEREAS all of higher education, including Ohio Wesleyan University, has been deeply impacted by the coronavirus and exhaustive efforts to keep students, faculty, staff, and the community safe and healthy, with OWU redesigning classes into online and hybrid formats, transforming classrooms and other learning spaces to permit social distancing, redesigning dining and other living and recreation spaces, providing personal protective equipment for the OWU community, and providing continual safety communication to the campus, and

WHEREAS OWU faculty, in the early months of the pandemic, created a free 10-week online class on all aspects and impacts of the pandemic, from science to the arts, educating more than 1,200 students of all ages, and

WHEREAS OWU conducted more than 8,500 COVID-19 tests this academic year and has prevented large outbreaks, keeping the OWU campus open all year, and

WHEREAS OWU staff helped care for and support more than 150 students who contracted the virus, and

WHEREAS the teamwork, ingenuity, and focus needed throughout the world has been exerted on campus to battle the pandemic and to ensure that Ohio Wesleyan could continue to provide a premier liberal arts education to every student, whether they studied in-person or remotely, and

WHEREAS the work of the Ohio Wesleyan faculty, staff, and administration has been wholly outstanding during this tumultuous time, collectively coming together to keep the campus and surrounding community safe and to tirelessly support students to help them persevere through daunting and unrelenting challenges,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that: the Ohio Wesleyan Board of Trustees would like to issue metaphorical capes to accompany the literal face masks that Ohio Wesleyan employees have worn on campus this year as part of their super-heroic efforts to enable the University to continue to educate the next generation of moral, global leaders without interruption, and to extend to these same OWU faculty, staff, and administrators our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for this unprecedented and outstanding work.