Ohio Wesleyan will follow these COVID-19-related testing, quarantine, and isolation protocols for members of the campus community. The protocols are subject to change as additional public health information becomes available.

Testing Protocols

  • Students and employees who have been granted an exemption from our vaccination requirement will be required to participate in OWU’s surveillance testing efforts.
  • During at least the first three weeks of the semester, a random sample of vaccinated students who have not yet received a booster also will be tested.
  • We will continue testing student-athletes, following NCAA guidelines.
  • We request that all employees perform at-home COVID tests if they are exposed to large crowds or other high-risk situations during the upcoming semester.
  • The university is providing PCR tests free of charge to students and employees who are required to complete a test. These tests are conducted using a nasopharyngeal swabbing method. No other testing methods are available on campus. If an individual prefers to get tested off-campus, they must provide the results of a PCR lab-analyzed test result to covid19@owu.edu the same day that result is received. Individuals are responsible for the cost and effort of off-campus testing.
  • Failure to abide by testing protocols will result in disciplinary action, including suspension from the university or from work responsibilities.

Quarantine/Isolation Protocols

Individuals quarantined are those who are exposed via close contact* to someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. Individuals isolated are those who have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. 

In both instances, individuals are separated from the general community to avoid viral spread. It is likely the student will be relocated to a different room if their permanent residential assignment does not meet the isolation/quarantine requirements. Students also may leave campus for their quarantine/isolation period.

Failure to follow OWU-mandated safe campus guidelines can result in immediate suspension and the requirement to leave campus.

Students who are sick with COVID must isolate for a minimum of five days and until they are fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications. Additionally, they should notify persons they have been in contact with over the past two days. The University will conduct contact tracing, and positive students should be prepared to give names of close contacts* to a staff member from the COVID-19 Care Team. 

Following the five days, if fever-free, students will be required to stay masked in public settings and get meals to go for an additional five days. When a student goes to get food, please go to the main grill line at Smith and tell one of the team members that you would like a to-go container for a "Q Meal." Participation in athletics will be at the discretion of the athletic training staff.

Unvaccinated students who come in contact with someone who is ill must participate in a full quarantine in a university-designated, private area. 

Students sick with COVID (or suspected COVID) should contact covid19@owu.edu for additional guidance and assistance.

While in Quarantine 

Students in quarantine cannot go to class, athletic practices, the gym, or other public areas on campus. 

We will email faculty to notify them a student will be out of class and again when the student can return to class. Students also should follow up with faculty to stay caught up with coursework.

* Close Contact Definition

Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 or more minutes within a 24-hour period where one individual was not wearing a mask. (If both parties were engaged in strenuous activity, the 15-minute exposure rule does not apply. It also is considered close contact if one party was not wearing a mask within 6 feet of the other party).

Vaccinated students in close contact will be permitted to go to classes and other activities, but they must be masked around others for seven days. Vaccinated close contacts can get tested three-five days after their last exposure to the COVID-positive person to reduce the seven-day masking requirement.

For more information, please email covid19@owu.edu