Ohio Wesleyan University affirms that a liberal arts education provides the singular best path to thoughtful, engaged, moral leadership in the increasingly complex global society of the 21st century. This education, grounded in the classical disciplines and complemented by multiple and varied opportunities for engagement with the world, equips students with the skills needed for lifelong learning and prepares them to be adaptable and innovative leaders in a future we cannot fully imagine today.

We believe that an education that blends theory and practice, thought and action, inquiry and engagement, and the campus and the world has the power to transform the lives of our students. We further believe that these students, equipped with this education, will have a powerful impact on the world in which they will live and work. We believe that Ohio Wesleyan has the opportunity, through the bold initiative and audacious aspirations reflected in this document, to set a new standard for a life-changing, liberal arts education and, in the process, to transform the University itself. It is to this high purpose that we devote ourselves and this vision for the future of Ohio Wesleyan University.