Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies

AMRS 300.1. History of the Book (Arnold, DeMarco, Neuman deVegvar, Livingston)
From papyrus scrolls to printed books, from Egypt to England, this course introduces students to the material forms of books and gives students the methods needed to read and understand handwritten books, documents, and scrolls from antiquity through the early modern era. It also covers the historical, cultural, and social meanings of books. A range of exercises using the resources of rare book archives and digital collections provides hands-on learning. No prerequisites. Core course for AMRS majors and minors. Alternate years (2016, 2018). (Group III)

AMRS 490. Independent Study (Staff)
An interdisciplinary capstone project culminating in a research paper (15-30 pages) or examination (covering primary and secondary texts). The project is directed by a faculty supervisor. Depending on the nature of the topic, the supervisor may advise the student to secure the participation of additional faculty from at least one other department. Under the committee format, the faculty committee will oversee the project and assess the student’s progress. If no committee is established, all oversight and evaluation will be performed by the faculty supervisor. Permission of faculty supervisor required.