Below are small descriptions of alumni who declared a major in the Botany & Microbiology Department.

In chronological order of year of graduation:

  • Betsy Cariello (Botany-Biology, '74):  Current position: Director of Quality Control in Microbiology at Celgene.
  • Barbara Daniels Hetrick (Bacteriology, '79):  Ph.D. (Oregon State U.).  Current position: Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Florida
  • Eileen Seeholzer (Microbiology & English, '91):  M.D. ('95, Case Western U.).  Current position: 2003-2005 Director, Weight Management Center MetroHealth, 2005-2015 Principal Investigator
  • Andy Cooper (Microbiology, '94):  M.P.H. ('96, Harvard U.), Ph.D. in Virology ('02, Harvard U.). Current position: Consultant with a biotech company in Boston, MA.
  • Josh Obar (Microbiology, '01):  Ph.D. in Immunology ('06, Dartmouth U.). Current position: Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator, Giesel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University. His research program focuses on pulmonary immunity and immunopathology during influenza A virus and Aspergillus fumigatus infections.
  • Anice Sabag-Daigle (Microbiology, '01):  Ph.D. in Microbiology ('09, Ohio State U.). Current position: Research Scientist at Ohio State University in the Dept. of Microbial Infection and Immunity.
  • Ezgi Booth (Genetics, '01):  Ph.D. in Structural & Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics ('07, Baylor U.). Current position: Freelance Scientific Editor and Translator.
  • Beth Ann Browne (Microbiology, '02):  Ph.D. in Microbiology ('08, U. Wisconsin-Madison). Current position: Customer Application Specialist at the Dow Microbial Control Company in Collegeville, PA. Her specialties include experimental design of antimicrobial efficacy testing for paints, coatings, and fuel products to evaluate new biocidal ingredients.
  • Heather Costello (Microbiology, '05):  Ph.D. in Molecular Virology & Gene Therapy ('13, Ohio State. U.). Current position: Postdoctoral Scientist at Nationwide Children's Hospital studying respiratory syncytial virus entry into the host cell.
  • Allison Dailey (Microbiology & Genetics, '05):  M.D. ('09, Ohio State U.). Current position: Staff Psychiatrist at Adena Health System in Chillicothe, OH.
  • Carolyn Keeton (Microbiology, '05):  Ph.D. in Microbiology ('13, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) State. U.). Current position: Microbiologist at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease.
  • Nga Nguyen (Microbiology, '05):  Master Public Health ('14, Harvard U.). Doctor of Optometry ('10, Nova Southeastern U.). Current position: Administrative Fellow at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic.
  • Patricia Celestino-Soper (Microbiology & Genetics, '05):  Ph.D. in Molecular & Human Genetics ('11, Baylor U.). Current position: Assistant Clinical Laboratory Director at LifeOmics; Adjunct Professor of Biology at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI).
  • Michael C. Nelson (Microbiology, '05):  Ph.D. in Microbiology & Environmental Science ('11, Ohio State U.). Current position: Bioinformatician II at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.
  • Amanda Robinson Panfil (Microbiology, '06):  Ph.D. in Cellular & Molecular Biology ('12, U. Wisconsin-Madison). Post-doctoral Fellow at U. Connecticut and Ohio State U. Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept. Veterinary Sciences, Ohio State University. Her research focuses on developing treatments for virus associated diseases.
  • Jaime Harden (Microbiology & Genetics, '06):  Ph.D. in Immunology ('11, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo). Current position: Senior Manager at Dermira, Inc. in Menlo Park, CA.
  • Kiley Dare (Microbiology, '06):  Ph.D. in Microbiology ('12, Ohio State U.). Current position: E-Discovery Technician and Forensic Certified Examiner at Profile Discovery.
  • Reeti Kare (Microbiology, '07):  Ph.D. in Virology & Gene Therapy ('11, Mayo Graduate School). Current position: Assistant Director of Infectious Disease Diagnostics at North Short-LIJ Health System in Lake Success, NY.
  • Rachel Pritchard (Microbiology & Zoology, '08):  Ph.D. in Microbiology ('14, Miami U.). Current position: Asst. Professor of Biology & Zoology at Kentucky Wesleyan College. 
  • Lindsey Saum (Microbiology & Zoology, '08): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology at University of California, Riverside. 
  • Jonida Toska (Genetics, '08): Current position: Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School in the Dept. of Microbiology & Immunobiology. 
  • Max Schroder (Microbiology, '09):  Ph.D. in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics ('16, Emory U.). Current position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.
  • Jonathan Smith (Microbiology & Botany, '09):  Microbiologist at Nestle USA. Current position: Research Assistant at Ohio State University.
  • Samantha Sharpe (Microbiology & Genetics, '09):  Current position: Clinical Research Program Manager in Infectious Disease at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
  • Jenna Smith (Microbiology & Genetics, '09):  Ph.D. in Biochemistry ('15, Case Western Reserve U.) Current position: Visiting Asst. Professor of Biology at Millikin University.
  • Kelly Haines (Microbiology, '10): Masters in Food Safety. Current position: Food Safety Net Services (San Antonio, TX).
  • Kristina Fitch (Microbiology, '10): Masters of Nursing ('12, Case Western Reserve U. ). Current position: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at MetroHealth System in Cleveland, OH.
  • Morgan Schroeder (Microbiology & Zoology, '10): Master Public Health ('14, Emory U.). Current position: PulseNet Database Manager at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.
  • Evan Bai (Genetics & Biochemistry, '11): Ph.D. in Genetics ('16, Yale U.).  Current position: Computational Genomics Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
  • Bhavna Murali (Genetics, '11):  Current position: Pursing a Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Joanne Neugebauer (Botany, '11):  Current position: Prepared Foods Associate Team Leader at Whole Foods Market.
  • Kevin Barber (Genetics, '11):  D.V.M. ('16, Western University of Health Sciences).  (Pomona, CA). Current position: Veterinarian at Southern California Veterinary Speciality Hospital.
  • Sarah Hayduk (Genetics, '11):  Current position: Lead Regulatory Compliance Analyst and Chemical Lab Technician at Intertek in Columbus, OH.
  • Maisha Rashid (Microbiology & Chemistry, '11):  Ph.D. in Cancer Biology ('18, U. of Toledo). Current position: Post-doctoral Researcher at the Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center (San Francisco, CA).
  • Hillary Robertson (Microbiology, '11): Master Public Health ('13, George Washington U.). Current position: Research Associate at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development.
  • Emily Stinemitz (Microbiology & French, '11): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at University of Texas at Houston.
  • Gregory Cook (Microbiology & Genetics, '11): Current position: Medical Genetics Research Technician at Cleveland Clinic, focused on generating inducible lentiviral vectors expressing viral genes critical for human cytomegalovirus reactivation.
  • Tristan Browne (Microbiology & Genetics, '11): Masters of Science ('15, U. Cincinnati). Current position: Onsite Supervising Manager at Adecco in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Chuck Jagger (Biology, '11): RN, BSN. Current position: Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY
  • Christina Trusty (Microbiology, '12): Masters in Public Heath ('13, Ohio State U.). Current position: Food Scientist, Mesh Food Labs & Innovation Group (Boulder, CO). Reserch and developmental food scientist with additional responsibilities in toxicoloy and regulatory affairs relating to food safety.
  • Sarah Kahaian (Microbiology, '12): Current position: Microbiology Technician at Battelle Memorial Institute, working with BSL-3 level bacteria and viruses.
  • Grace Fecher (Microbiology, '12): Current position: Graduate Student at Case Western Reserve University, studying naturally acquired immunity to Plasmodium falciparum infections in humans.
  • Katie Hurley (Microbiology & Neuroscience, '12): Doctor of Physical Therapy ('15, Cleveland State U.) Current position: Physical Therapist at University Hospitals of Cleveland.
  • Allison Fowler (Microbiology, '12): Current position: Research Assistant at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
  • Rebecca Sisson (Genetics, '12): M.S. in Genetic Counseling ('14, U. Cincinnati). Current position: Genetic Counselor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
  • Chelsea D. Zimmer (Microbiology, '13):  Worked previously at the Ohio Department of Health. Current position: Molecular Biologist at Astrix Technology Group.
  • Emma January (Genetics, '13): Current position: Research Associate at Benson Hill Biosystems in St. Louis, MO.
  • Megan Fris (Microbiology, '13):  Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Cell, Developmental and Microbiology at Ohio University.
  • Brianna Zellner (Microbiology, '13):  Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Toledo University.
  • Paige Ruppel (Botany '13): Current Position: Seed Technician at the Ohio Seed Improvement Association, a nonprofit commercial seed testing laboratory in Dublin, OH. She carries out a variety of tests on crop, vegetable, flower, ornamental, and grass seeds.
  • Erica Reese (Microbiology '14): Current position: Pursuing a M.D. at Ohio State University.
  • Rachel Thomas (Microbiology, '14): Master Public Health ('16, Ohio State U.). Current position: Program Coordinator at the Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at Ohio State University.
  • Jenna Reeger (Botany & Chemistry, '14): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at Penn State University.
  • Casey Smiley (Microbiology, '14): M.D., Wright State University ('18). Current position: Physician at Vanderbilt Medical Center.
  • Elizabeth Herder (Microbiology, '14): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. at University of Connecticut.
  • Shenyada Hutchinson (Microbiology, '14): Current position: Patient Care Technician at Fresenius Medical Care.
  • Caitlin-Marie Bobb (Microbiology, '14): Current position: Research and Developmental Chemist at Nilodor Inc.
  • Jennifer Frey (Microbiology, '14): Current position: Quality Control Lab Technician at Malco Products in Akron, OH.
  • Kristie Goughenour (Microbiology, '14): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. at Ohio State University.
  • Justin Bellassai (Microbiology, ’15): Current position: Research Scientist for Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Laboratories Inc. in Columbus, OH.  He works in the analytical development department, product formulation support group, on new generics making their way through the R&D pipeline.
  • Karli Sturgill (Microbiology ‘15): Master's in Physician Assistance, Baldwin Wallace University ('19). Current position: Physician Assistant at Akron Children's Hospital (OH).
  • Patrick Zmina (Microbiology & Psychology, ‘15): Current position: Research Associate at the University of Miami (FL).
  • Nathan Madonich (Botany '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at Cornell University.
  • Maddie Vroom (Microbiology '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.
  • N'Toia Hawkins (Microbiology '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.
  • Emma Keller (Genetics '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.
  • Alex Runyon (Microbiology '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at Ohio State University.
  • Susannah Waxman (Botany '16): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Yuxiao Tan (Microbiology '17): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology at University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • Jemil Ahmed (Biology '17): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Biophysics at the University of Denver.
  • Jocelyne Munoz (Biology '17): Current position: Research Assistant at Nationwide Children's Research Hospital.
  • Gabriela Colmenares (Microbiology '17): Current position: Laboratory Assistant, Perlara PBC (San Francisco, CA), a biotechnology company to "develop cures for rare diseases and learn how genes work across diseases to map connections to common ailments."
  • Emily McKenzie (Microbiology '17): Current position: Food Safety Net Services (Columbus, OH).
  • Mary Cranley (Microbiology '18): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at Ohio State University in Columbus.
  • Jordan Brown (Genetics '18): Current position: Pursuing a M.S. in Biotechnology at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Sarah Bergman (Microbiology '18): Current position: Research Associate, Viral Vector Core, Nationwide Children's Research Hospital.
  • Margaret Michicich (Genetics '19): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at Case Western Reserve U. (Cleveland, OH).
  • Malory Wolfe (Microbiology '19): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology at Miami U. (OH).
  • Cole Jamieson (Genetics '19): Current position: Pursuing a Master's in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Management at Washington U. in St. Louis (MO).
  • Hannah Durr (Microbiology '19): Current position: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Integrated Bioscience at University of Akron (OH). Previous position: Associate Scientist, Frontage Laboratories (Chardon, OH). 
  • Evan Hudgens (Microbiology and Genetics '19): Current position: Brewery Lab Technician, Nocterra Brewing Company (Powell, OH). 
  • Grant Gossard (Biology '20): Current position: Pursuing a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) at Ohio State University. 
  • Jin Jun (Genetics '20): Current position: Pursuing a Master's in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD). 

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