In biology, you study living organisms, from the molecular level to the whole organism to the global biosphere. Biologists explore all aspects of living systems, and biological discoveries continue to improve human health, food production, and environmental sustainability. Practical applications for the major are plentiful, with students moving on to graduate study in medical and scientific fields, jobs with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, or working for organizations tackling global problems in health and the environment.

About the Major

This Biology major provides a strong foundation in biological principles with the largest degree of flexibility in electives to explore a variety of topics. With a degree in Biology, you will be well-prepared for advanced scientific studies in graduate programs, as well as health professions such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy, public health, and physician assistance. It is also advantageous for students pursuing careers in conservation and sustainability, ecology, environmental science, environmental education, neuroscience, human kinetics, or bio-medical engineering.

Other majors in the Biological Sciences:

Botany Microbiology Genetics
Zoology Pre-Professional Zoology Neuroscience
Environmental Studies Health & Human Kinetics Biochemistry (Dept. of Chemistry)


Graduate Outcomes

Chloe Hamrick Williams '11

Chloe presented her undergraduate research at the American Society for Microbiology Annual meeting in New Orleans. After graduating from OWU, she worked at Neogen Corp. and went on to study medicine at Michigan State University.


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