Courses taught by faculty in Botany and Microbiology are designated with a BOMI prefix, courses taught by faculty in Zoology are designated with a ZOOL prefix. Courses taught by faculty from both departments are designated with a BIOL prefix.

Botany Major (declared in the BOMI department)

Core courses:

BIOL 120: Intro to Cell Biology (with lab)

BIOL 122: Organisms & Their Environment (with lab)

BIOL 271:  Genetics

CHEM 110: General Chemistry I (with lab)

CHEM 111: General Chemistry II (with lab)

BOMI 252: Biodiversity of Flowering Plants (with lab)

BOMI 326: Plant Physiology (with lab)

BOMI 344: Plant Communities and Ecosystems (with lab/Travel-Learning)

Elective courses:

(a) Two upper-level courses in BOMI (numbered 250-400)

(b) Two additional courses in the "Natural Sciences": chemistry, physics, geology, math, or computer science. PSYC 210 (Statistics) or a geography course teaching GIS may count among the two additional courses.

(c) Students are required to complete ONE of the following:

      -a travel-learning course (any department)

      -one semester of study abroad

      -one unit of BOMI 490: Independent Study

      -one unit of BOMI 495: Apprenticeship

Note: Students completing a companion major in Environmental Studies may reduce their electives requirement by one course.