Courses taught by faculty in Botany and Microbiology are designated with a BOMI prefix, courses taught by faculty in Zoology are designated with a ZOOL prefix. Courses taught by faculty from both departments are designated with a BIOL prefix.

Genetics Major (may be declared in either the BOMI or ZOOL department):

Core courses:

CHEM 110: General Chemistry I (with lab)

CHEM 111: General Chemistry II (with lab)

BIOL 120: Intro to Cell Biology (with lab)

BIOL 122: Organisms & Their Environment (with lab)

BIOL 271 + BIOL 272:  Genetics (with lab credit)

ZOOL 261: Evolution

ZOOL 351: Cell & Molecular Biology (with lab)

BOMI 353: Molecular Genetics (with lab)

BOMI 326: Plant Physiology (with lab)     OR     BOMI 328: Bacterial Physiology (with lab)

ZOOL 333: Developmental Biology (with lab)     OR     ZOOL 356:  Immunology (with lab)

Elective courses:

(a) Three upper-level courses in BOMI, ZOOL or CHEM (numbered 250-400).

        CHEM 260 (Organic Chemistry I) and CHEM 261 (Organic Chemistry II)

        are highly recommended.

(b) Two 499 courses (Seminars) in either BOMI or ZOOL.

Note: The Genetics major may not be combined with any other major in BOMI or ZOOL for a second major.