Microbiology is the study of small life forms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Microbes can be both harmful and beneficial to health, the environment, and society. Many microbes are also common research organisms that are used in furthering our understanding of the fundamental properties of life.

About the Major

The Microbiology major offers a foundation in biological principles with specialized courses in microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi), immunology, and molecular genetics. As a Microbiology major you learn to identify, alter, or manage the a diverse range of microbes to benefit the larger world around us. 

The Microbiology major at OWU has been described by professors at other universities as "an unusually excellent microbiology education."

Keywords: medicine, health careers, infectious disease, agriculture, ecosystems, environment, advanced research, laboratory science, field research, pharmaceutical areas, biotechnology, public health, epidemiology, food safety, fermentation, microbiome, pro-biotics, antibiotics, bioremediation, water treatment.

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Graduate Outcomes

Jemil Ahmed '17

Jemil is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Biophysics at the University of Denver.


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