The Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology (B.A.) allows students to specialize in microbiology and offers strong preparation to work in this field soon after graduating. The B.A. degree is appropriate for students considering health-related careers and/or careers in laboratory research, biotechnology, or development of therapeutics.

Courses taught by faculty in Botany and Microbiology are designated with a BOMI prefix, courses taught by faculty in Zoology are designated with a ZOOL prefix. Courses taught by faculty from both departments are designated with a BIOL prefix. The B.A. in Microbiology must be declared through the BOMI department.

Core Biology courses:

BIOL 120: Intro to Cell Biology (with lab)

BIOL 125: Intro to Microbiology (with lab)

BIOL 271:  Genetics

BOMI 280: Medical Microbiology (with lab)

BOMI 328: Bacterial Physiology (with lab)

BOMI 353: Molecular Genetics (with lab)

BOMI 357: Molecular Biology of Viruses (with lab)

ZOOL 351: Cell & Molecular Biology (with lab)

ZOOL 356: Immunology (with lab)     OR     ZOOL 361: Parasites & Immunity (with lab)

Elective courses:

(a) Two courses in BOMI or ZOOL

(b) Two semesters of BOMI 499 (Seminars)

Required Cognate courses:

CHEM 110: General Chemistry I (with lab)

CHEM 111: General Chemistry II (with lab)


Highly recommended courses (Note: these courses are required for the B.S. in Microbiology):

CHEM 260: Organic Chemistry I (with lab)

CHEM 261: Organic Chemistry II (with lab)

MATH 110: Calculus I

PHYS 115: Principles of Physics I, for biology majors (with lab)

PHYS 116: Principles of Physics II, for biology majors (with lab)