Independent Student Research Projects

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Enivronment & Evolution
Cell Signaling & Genetics
Bacteriology & Virology


Environment & EvolutioN


Cynthia Hasting (Anderson)























Catie Beach

























Heather Bowman: Association of Alliaria petiolata with tree understory environments (Anderson)

Christina Fesz: Rust life cycles and phylogeny with emphasis on the genus Tranzschelia and T. arthurii in Delaware County, Ohio (Johnson)

Justus Nethero: loristic inventory of Glennwood Commons Mitigation Wetlands, Delaware, OH (Johnson)

Adrian Pekarcik: Restoration of drainage ditch and floodplain terrace sites on the Ohio Wesleyan campus (Anderson)

Jenna Reeger & Caroline Roy: Phylogenetic elucidation of Xylopia section Stenoxylopia (Annonaceae) through molecular systematics (Johnson)

Paige Ruppel: A survey of Tranzschelia arthurii infection on Hepatica acutiloba at Kraus nature preserve (Johnson)

Paige Ruppel: A multi-site comparison of invasion success in Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) at varying spatial scales (Anderson)

Devinn Sinnott, Danielle Bernert, Abigail Dockter: Herbarium Specimen Digitization Project (joint project with library, Ohio University, and Dale Brugh in Chemistry). External funding through Ohio 5 Mellon Digitization Grant (Johnson/Murray)

Glenn Skiles: Effects of Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) on tree mycorrhizae in a forest edge environment (Anderson)
















































Breane Budaitis: Designing a genetic screen for higher-order mutants in gravity signal transduction (Wolverton)

Frank Kushnar-Sanderson: Iron chelates and lateral root development (Wolverton)

Bhavna Murali: Phosphate Transport Channel Mutants’ Contribution to Root System Architecture (Wolverton)

Iftekhar Showpnil: High-Resolution Image Analysis of Gravitropism in Mutants in the PIN Family of Auxin Transport Proteins (Wolverton)


Bacteriology & Virology









































































Chelsea Dennis, Emma January: Potters for Peace, testing of ceramic filters for removal of coliform bacteria from water (Tuhela-Reuning)

Chelsea Dennis: Digitizing and Documenting the Production and Testing of FILTRON Clay Water Filters for Potters for Peace initiative (funded by Mellon Foundation Digitization Grant, Tuhela-Reuning in collaboration with Kristina Bogdanov, Fine Arts)

Megan Fris: Microscopic characterization of the placenta from fish belonging to the genus Poeciliopsis. (Tuhela-Reuning in collaboration with Tami Panhuis, Zoology)

Beth Herder: Chemotaxis of Bacillus spp. from plumage (Tuhela-Reuning)

Jazmine Quinn: Effects of sodium fluoride on the yield of T2 bacteriophage (Goldstein)


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