ACS-Certified Chemistry Major. This major meets the recommendations of the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. Students completing the major will be certified by the American Chemical Society.

ACS-certified majors are particularly attractive to industry. With the more extensive curricular development of this major, students are also better prepared for graduate study in chemistry and biochemistry and for industrial research.

This major is strongly recommended for students pursuing a career in chemistry.

These courses are required: CHEM 110, CHEM 111, CHEM 260, CHEM 261, CHEM 270, CHEM 340, CHEM 350, CHEM 351, CHEM 352, CHEM 460, CHEM 470, CHEM 490; MATH 110, MATH 111, and either MATH 210, MATH 270 or MATH 280; PHYS 110, PHYS 111.