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Classics is the study of ancient Greece and Rome, in particular the ancient Greek and Latin languages and literatures. Classics majors and minors study ancient Greece and Rome through direct access to the rich tradition of Greek and Latin literature in a variety of genres, and through focused study of the varied facets of classical antiquity: epic, lyric and elegiac poetry; tragedy and comedy; ancient history and philosophy; classical mythology and religion. The classical tradition of Greece and Rome is the foundation of Western Civilization.

Classics at Ohio Wesleyan has a long tradition that dates back to the founding of the college in 1842. Advanced courses are offered in Homer; Virgil; Aeschylus; Lucretius; Sophocles; Horace; Pindar; Tacitus, and many other great authors of the classical tradition. Also offered are surveys of Roman Republican and Imperial history and literature, of Archaic and Classical Greece and the life and career of Alexander the Great, as well as an introductory course in Classical Mythology and other lower-level topical courses in Classics. The hallmark of Classics at Ohio Wesleyan is the offering of small tutorials and independent studies on a variety of topics from the realm of classical antiquity.

Department Features

  • Classics students are regularly afforded the opportunity to collaborate on scholarly projects with Classics faculty and to assist in cooperative research.
  • Classics majors often double major in another discipline. They receive a sound training in skills of critical reasoning and the rigor of close, careful analysis that makes Classics an attractive option either as a standalone major or in combination with another (especially for those interested in careers in law and medicine).
  • Classics Major William McCulloh, Class of 1953, now Professor Emeritus of Classics at Kenyon College, was a Rhodes Scholar

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