Name: Marissa Popeck ’14
Majors: Classics and Microbiology: Genetics
Where Are They Now: Working on her nursing degree in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I began my career at Ohio Wesleyan with one goal in mind: to be graduated with a
degree in Genetics, and to secure a job in a laboratory doing research. Turns out, life had other plans for me. I took Latin for my language requirement and ended up reigniting my love for the ancient world, so I picked up a dual major in Classics.

From there I traveled across the world on the Classics Herbst Prize to continue fueling my passion for the ancient world. After graduating with my two majors from Ohio Wesleyan, I left Ohio and headed to Vermont for a Certificate in Graduate Studies in Greek and Latin. A professor of mine gave me some phenomenal advice before I left Vermont: “Go do something with your life to help people, because you could really make a difference in someone’s life.”

Soon enough I went back to an old friend I had left behind when I left Ohio Wesleyan (spoiler alert that old friend is science), and began working on my associate’s degree in nursing. After I finish my ASN I plan on going on to continue my nursing education. So in an odd way, my life has come full circle.