Student Board

The Classics Student Board consists of Classics majors who are committed to assisting the Classics department in furthering its goal of promoting the study of classical antiquity on campus. Traditionally, the Classics Student Board is modeled after the Diocletianic tetrarchy; two Augusti/-ae are joined by two Caesares.

Classics Club

The Classics Club has met actively every week (if not more often) since the fall of 2005. The club brings together students interested in the study of the Greek and Roman classics, with an active agenda of extracurricular events that include regular film screenings; occasional marathon readings of classical texts; receptions to celebrate the anniversaries of major events in classical history (especially our famous cupcake and macaron parties, and our annual Battle of Actium reception); lectures and events connected to visiting Classics scholars from other institutions; museum trips and visits to Classics events at the Classics programs of our sister schools.

Classics National Honor Society

The Classics department at Ohio Wesleyan University hosts the Iota Eta chapter of the Classics National Honor Society, Eta Sigma Phi. Eta Sigma Phi is a Classics honor society that is open to students in our Classics department who have completed at least three advanced courses in either Greek or Latin with a minimum grade level of B+. The Classics Honor Society regularly assists in the visiting Classics speakers program that has hosted a number of prominent Classics scholars; participates in discussions and work related to the active research agendas of the Classics faculty; assists with the visits and recruitment of prospective Classics students; serves in a tutoring and peer assistance capacity to students at the introductory level in Greek and Latin; and, more generally, helps to promote the discipline of Classics at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Tutoring In Classical Languages

The Classics department offers a regularly scheduled opportunity for students in the lower levels of Greek and Latin to receive tutoring from more advanced Classics students.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Classics Department tutors are Elizabeth Kish and Samantha Wurster.

Further information on available tutoring opportunities, including schedules and assignments, can be obtained either in the appropriate class, or by contacting the tutor directly.

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