ECONOMICS Major: A total of 11 units consisting of the following:

  • Required Courses: 6 units ECON 110, ECON 251, ECON 252, ECON 255 or ECON 259, ECON 499 and MATH 105 or MATH 230 or PSYC 210. A limited number of students each year may complete a senior project and presentation in ECON 355 rather than ECON 499. A grade of C- or better is required in the capstone course—either ECON 499 or ECON 355. It is recommended that the statistics course be completed by the end of the sophomore year, as it is a prerequisite for ECON 251 and ECON 252.
  • Elective Courses: 5 upper-level (numbered 250 or above) Economics (ECON) units. Of these five additional units, at least one must come from Group I and one from Group II, with the remaining units coming from any other ECON course.
    • Group I – Advanced Courses (an Advanced Course is one that has ECON 252 as a prerequisite)
      • ECON 372, ECON 375, ECON 378, ECON 385, or ECON 387
    • Group II – International Courses
      • ECON 282, ECON 345, ECON 353, ECON 370, or ECON 372.
    • (NOTE:  If both ECON 255 and ECON 259 are taken, one will serve as the required course, and the other may be used as one of the electives.)

A maximum of two units from ECON 490A, ECON 490B, ECON 491, ECON 495 and ECON 499R may count toward the major. Only one unit of ECON 495 can be counted and BUS 495 does not count toward the Economics major.

Recommended: Substantial work in mathematics is required if considering graduate work in economics.