The major requirement has five components, each of which is an important part of the whole:

*No course eligible for the major may be taken Credit/No Entry

Economics Courses: ECON 110, ECON 251, ECON 252, ECON 255 or ECON 259, ECON 372, and one additional upper level course with an international emphasis (For example: ECON 282, ECON 345, ECON 353, ECON 370).

Business Courses: ACCT 217; MATH 105, MATH 230 or PSYC 210; BUS 210, BUS 280, BUS 331 or BUS 361, BUS 476; and one upper-level elective BUS course. A grade or C- or better in BUS 376 is required.

Language Requirement: Two units beyond the level of 111 are required, and may be taken from the offerings of the modern foreign languages department, the special languages program, and study abroad programs, or a combination of the above, as arranged by the student. Offerings at Ohio Wesleyan in languages such as Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Swahili are limited, so these languages can be used to satisfy this requirement only if the student completes the language study abroad or at another University.

Students who choose North America (United States and Canada) as their focus area, will meet the language requirement by taking ENG 105 and any two courses in American literature or writing courses as defined by the English department. Writing courses are limited to: ENG 260, ENG 265, ENG 310, ENG 312, ENG 314, ENG 316, ENG 318, ENG 319, ENG 480, ENG 482. Other ENG courses do not count.

Foreign Experience: At least one semester (or equivalent) of the undergraduate program must be spent in study abroad. Students should consult the Director of International and Off-Campus Programs for information on opportunities for study abroad, both in the summer and during the academic year. For students whose area of study is North America, this requirement is satisfied by their study in the United States.

Area Studies: One course chosen from PG 346, PG 347, PG 360, PG 362; SOAN 111; GEOG 345; as well as two courses that increase one’s knowledge of one of the chosen areas of the world: Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East or North America. Whether taken here or abroad, these two courses may be from different disciplines and should be taken outside of the economics department. The area studies courses, as well as the foreign experience and language, must develop a cohesive program and be directed to only one area of the world. These courses must be approved in advance by the chair of the economics department who is responsible for administering the international business major.