Pheobe Bush, ’18

"This summer I interned with Ohio Wesleyan as the Community Liaison of the Orientation Team Leaders.  I helped develop, deliver and participate in Orientation Leader training, actively participated in daily Orientation events and Bishop week, assisted with summer 2016 StART sessions, and supervised OLs and assisted with quality control issues during Orientation and fall semester.  As Community Liaison I specifically requested and collected donations for the raffle, distribution during small group sessions, and food for Orientation Leader training.  At the end of the summer, I finished with a gift value of over $39,000 raised of donations.  

Currently, I am the OWU Fund intern in the Mowry Alumni Center. At my internship, I assist in activities to raise funds for Ohio Wesleyan University and steward alumni donors.  I also help the OWU Fund staff in designing and producing promotional materials.  I also perform basic office duties and make consistent thank you calls to donors of the university."

Erin Cannon

"I was a marketing intern for Preservation Parks of Delaware County this summer.  It was a great experience because I was able to gain first hand experience in the marketing world and see just how much thought and effort goes into a poster design or a board display.  This internship allowed me to build my communication, marketing, and creative thinking skills."

Ruchi Kansal

"This summer, I worked with South Korea's largest advertising agency, Cheil Worldwide. I worked at the MENA HQ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I got to work with their main client, Samsung and it was a very worthwhile experience! My main job was to handle Samsung's Middle East social media channels and got to see how people interpreted Samsung as a brand. If anyone is interested in Digital Marketing, I would strongly encourage them to work for Cheil since this internship helped me use my knowledge from all my OWU Marketing courses and at the same time, get me ready for the real advertising world." 

Charlie Kottler '18

This past summer I served as a Global Strategy Intern at WebMD in New York City. During my time at WebMD, I became fully immersed in the world of digital health and worked on a number of initiatives to utilize our consumer base in new ways. I had the opportunity to work with a number of different teams, which gave me a truly holistic sense of the business. Not only did I sharpen many technical skills throughout my internship, but I also strengthened my soft skill set and business acumen. My experience opened my eyes to the rapidly changing healthcare industry, and I recently accepted a position in a two-year rotational program at Change Healthcare. 

Abigale Lyon '18

This summer I worked as a digital marketing intern at a start-up company in Barcelona called 9ineSports, a new channel of communication invented to enhance the connection between fans, athletes, clubs, brands and the rest of the sports world. Throughout my time at 9ineSports, I worked mostly with Instagram and their account analytics, managing two fan accounts for both FC Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, the 9ineSports FanMatch account, and their official Instagram account. I also created a database of all the D1 men’s and women’s soccer teams in the U.S. to help them start the process of adding college content to their database. Finally, I wrote and translated blog posts for their webpage.

Sam Van Dyke '18

"This summer I interned with the Delaware County Board of Commissioners. Before my arrival, four townships and the City of Delaware approached the Commissioners with a proposal for reimbursement for EMS services of almost $6.8 million. Commissioner Jeff Benton, an OWU trustee, brought me in to conduct an in-depth financial analysis of the current EMS system in the county. Together, we created six EMS & Fire Service alternatives and created complex financial models to determine the cost of each. This required many weeks of aggregating data, meeting with fire and EMS leaders, and analyzing the results. At the conclusion of the analysis, we found that the current fire and EMS system was horribly inefficient. Commissioner Benton explained our findings in a report that was picked up by several news agencies. We found that over $17 million in taxpayers’ money could be saved by transitioning to a countywide EMS & Fire system. This report is just the beginning of a long process, but I earnestly hope that it will be a catalyst of change in Delaware County, and in counties across the United States."