Early Childhood License (Pre K-3) Major

The following courses in education are required: EDUC 105, EDUC 115, EDUC 251, EDUC 252, EDUC 253, EDUC 321, EDUC 322, EDUC 323, EDUC 329, EDUC 352, EDUC 461, EDUC 462, EDUC 463, EDUC 464.

In addition to courses in education, students must complete a mathematics course, a concentration consisting of three courses in one discipline (these courses may also count towards distribution requirements), and the University degree requirements with the distribution requirements as listed below instead of those in the Requirements for All Degrees section.

  • Group I (Social Studies)
    • Three courses including: Psychology: Applied Atypical Development and one American history or American government course
  • Group II (Natural Sciences)
    • Three courses including: one physical and one biological science course
  • Group III (Humanities/Literature)
    • Two courses including: one literature course
  • Group IV (Arts)
    • ART 301, MUS 363, THEA 259, and one of the following: ART 110, ART 111, ART 112, or ART 113; MUS 105, MUS 347, MUS 348; DANC 115 or DANC 205; THEA 101, THEA 210

Diversity: Students seeking a teaching license must complete two unit courses with the OWU diversity designation.

Endorsement in Teaching Grades 4 and 5: Students may add an endorsement for teaching Grades 4 and 5 by taking the following courses: PSYC 282, EDUC 330 and EDUC 339.

Advising Sheet  (PDF)