Requirements to be Eligible for an Ohio Teaching License

  1. Successful completion of the OWU teacher education program
  2. Earned bachelor's degree
  3. Passing applicable state mandated licensure examinations: edTPA and OAE (OPI, ACFL, WPT)
  4. Successful completion of a background check by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Candidates who complete the above requirements may be issued a 4-year Resident Educator license from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). To be eligible for a 5-year Professional Educator license, the teacher needs to hold an existing license and complete an induction program in an Ohio School District.

Candidates desiring a teaching license from another state should contact the specific state's Department of Education.

License Application Procedures

During the student teaching semester, candidates will be given application information for teacher licensure. It is the candidate’s responsibility to create an online account with the State of Ohio in order to submit required materials and the licensure fee.  Candidates are encouraged to check the status of their application through the online system.  While the application is being processed, candidates can request a letter verifying they have completed all licensure requirements from the Education Department secretary.

Time Limit on Licensure Applications

Because Ohio licensure requirements change and the OWU Education Department continually improves and adjusts its requirements, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for their license promptly.  It is recommended that  license applications be submitted in the second half of the student teacher's final semester.

Candidates in all teacher education programs must apply for licensure within 24 months of program completion (defined by completion of all licensure requirements; typically the end of student teaching).

After 24 months, candidates must meet the program requirements that are in effect at the time of application.  This means that candidates who apply after the 24-month deadline may have to take additional coursework if the courses, course content, program requirements such as minimum edTPA score, or other licensure requirements have changed.  After 6 years, successful completion of a minimum of two, full-unit courses or equivalent will be required.  The course work required will be determined by Education faculty.  Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the faculty in cases of significant teaching experience post-graduation (e.g., teaching overseas or in a private school).

Regardless of when candidates apply for their license, they must meet the state requirements (passing scores on required tests, background checks, etc.).

Effective for all new and continuing students as of Fall 2018.

Background Checks

The State Department of Education requires an Ohio (BCI) and a federal (FBI) background check (within one year of report results) for issuance of the teaching license. When getting a background check, candidates must specify that an electronic copy of the report be sent directly to the Ohio Department of Education.  This procedure is explained before or during the student teaching semester. It is the candidate’s responsibility to complete the process in a timely fashion so as not to delay the issuance of the teaching license. Background reports are valid for one year.

It is important that you be completely honest in disclosing any previous transgressions. If you are caught lying, you will not be granted a license.  The State has developed an appeal procedure for individuals with record of prior convictions. Contact the Education Department licensure officer for information.