Middle Childhood License (4-9) Major

The following courses in education are required: EDUC 115, EDUC 251, EDUC 252, EDUC 253, EDUC 341, EDUC 349, EDUC 352, EDUC 353, EDUC 481, EDUC 482, EDUC 483, EDUC 484, and two of the following: EDUC 345, EDUC 346, EDUC 347, EDUC 348. See the online schedule for the appropriate sequence of courses.

In addition to the courses in education, students must complete PSYC 282, the University degree requirements, and at least two of the four state-approved Middle School Areas of Concentration (See education department for the lists of required courses in each area.)

Diversity: Students seeking a teaching license must complete two unit courses with the OWU diversity designation.