Multi-Age License (Pre K-12) Minor

Licensure in Drama/Theatre, Foreign Language, Music, or Visual Arts

The following courses in education are required: 110, 251, 377, 471, 472, 473, 474, plus additional course(s) in the teaching area. A college-level math course is required as well as ENG 145. (ENG 176 or 180 and 182 can be substituted for ENG 145 when scheduling conflicts occur.) 

Foreign Language candidates take secondary methods in the Education Department and content methods coursework online.  Candidates in Theatre/Drama take teaching methods in the Education Department and content methods in the Theatre Department.  Candidates in Music and Visual Arts take teaching and content methods courses in their respective departments.

The subject matter preparation of a student in the multi-age licensure program includes completion of an OWU major and of specific licensure requirements in the student’s teaching area. (Lists of course requirements in each of the teaching fields listed above are available on the Licensure Areas page.) Students minoring in education are encouraged to consult with the education department regarding the specific requirements for licensure in their area of interest.


Students seeking a teaching license must complete two unit courses with substantial focus on non-Euro-American topics (beginning Freshmen 2006).