Established in 1921 by members of this class for awards for original compositions. Five awards to students who submit the best original works in categories of Creative Writing, Non-fiction, Poetry, Playwriting/Screenwriting, and Scholarship.

Year Category Recipient
2015 Academic/Scholarly Joe Pileski
  Creative Non-Fiction Billie Paulus
  Fiction Alex Cook
  Playwriting/Screenwriting Emma Buening
  Poetry Victoria Licata
2014 Academic/Scholarly Katalyn Kuivila
Creative Non-Fiction Hank Owings
Fiction Mariah Gese
Playwriting/Screenwriting Ryan Haddad
Poetry Gus Wood
2013 Academic/Scholarly Jennifer Eltringham
Creative Non-Fiction Madeline Shier
Fiction Mariah Gese
Playwriting/Screenwriting Shannon Dean
Poetry Natasha Franczyk
2012 Academic/Scholarly Will Pierce
Creative Non-Fiction Steffany King
Fiction Dana Moore
Playwriting/Screenwriting Jordan Ahmed
Poetry Megan Pinto
 2011     Academic/Scholarly Brittany Stojsavljevic '11
Creative Non-Fiction Stacy Snow '11
Fiction Mary Slebodnik '12
Playwriting/Screenwriting Chris Sponseller '11
Poetry Danielle Muzina '13
2010 Academic/Scholarly Bea Pantoja '10
Creative Non-Fiction Emily Katitus '10
Fiction Kate MacLam '11
Playwriting/Screenwriting Amber Cole '10
Poetry Martha Park '11
2009 Academic/Scholarly Amanda Zechiel '09
Creative Non-fiction Lauren Smith '09
Fiction 1st Marlon Frisby '09
Fiction 2nd Bea Pantoja '10
Playwriting/Screenwriting 1st Katherine Atkinson '09
Playwriting/Screenwriting 2nd Bryce Mathias '10
Poetry Josh Sulser '10
2008 Fiction Natalie Cunningham ’09
Poetry Alexandra Burdick ’08
Playwriting/Screenwriting Marlon Frisby ’09
Academic/Scholarly Michael Alcock ’08
Creative Non-fiction Li Chen ’11
2007 Fiction Nathan Truman ’08
Poetry Alena Frate ’09
Playwriting/Screenwriting Nathan Truman ’08
Academic/Scholarly Stephanie Bologeorges ’08
Creative Non-fiction Nitin Rai ’08
2006 Fiction Stefan Schubert ’06
Poetry Justina Ludvik ’06
Playwriting/Screenwriting Matt Saracusa ’06
Academic/Scholarly Cheslyn Lesick ’07
Creative Non-fiction Jerome Stenger ’07
2005 Fiction Melissa Yinger ’06
Poetry Yulia Strizheus ’06
Playwriting/Screenwriting Matt Saracusa ’06
Academic/Scholarly Elizabeth Stong ’06
Creative Non-fiction Austin Steinmetz ’05
2004 Fiction Zehra Handani ’04
Poetry Lara Hillard ’04
Playwriting/Screenwriting Kevin Collier ’04
Scholarship Chris Moore ’04
2003 Fiction Sean Kenemore ’03
Poetry Kunzang Dukpa ’03
Playwriting/Screenwriting Meher Mumtaz ’05
Non-Fiction Sean Kenemore '03
Katalyn Kuivila
Ryan Haddad
Hank Owings