Established by William L. Sanders to provide awards for superior accomplishment in 19th century English literature (including American literature). The award is based on a critical essay or research paper written in a course in 19th century American or British literature.

Year Place Recipient
2015 1st Alyssa Long
  2nd Nicole Barhorst
2014 1st Jennifer Eltringham
  2nd Katalyn Kuivila
2013 1st Matthew Hill
  2nd Ryan Haddad
2012 1st Matthew Hill
  2nd Diane Bizzarro
2011 1st Will Pierce
  2nd Caitlin Klueber
2010 1st Bea Pantoja '10
2nd Will Pierce '12
2008 1st Kate Shannon ’08
2nd Natalie Cunningham ’09
2007 1st Cheslyn Lesick ’07
2nd Mike Alcock ’08
2006 1st Anshula Johri ’07
2nd Jason Stanley ’07
2005 1st Anshula Johri ’07
2nd Maggie Roush ’06
2004 1st Melissa Yinger ’06
2nd Meghan Weaver ’06
2003 1st Martin Plunkett ’03
2nd Alex Varel ’03
Katalyn Kuivila