The English major will consist of 10 units of literature, language, and writing, and a portfolio (0.25 units). Majors may concentrate on literature, creative writing, or non-fiction writing. All prospective majors are encouraged to take ENG 150 before enrolling in an upper-level course, and to plan ahead with regard to required seminars and advanced workshops. Requirements for each concentration are:

Creative Writing Concentration: ENG 150; one theme course (ENG 145, ENG 176, both ENG 180 and ENG 182, ENG 224, ENG 226, ENG 228, ENG 266); one British literature course (ENG 330 - ENG 354); one American literature course (ENG 268, ENG 273, ENG 278, ENG 360 - ENG 374); three creative writing and language courses, selected from more than one of the following groups: topics courses (ENG 260, ENG 265); creative writing workshops (ENG 314, ENG 315, ENG 316, ENG 318, ENG 319); and language courses (ENG 391, 395);  ENG 480; the portfolio (ENG 410); two electives (any English courses except ENG 105).

ENG 105 does not count toward the major. Apprenticeships, while encouraged, are viewed as an extension of the major, not as a substitute for a regular course. ENG 495 and ENG 496 do not count toward the major.

A course taken credit/no entry may not be counted toward the major. At least seven of the ten courses must be taken at Ohio Wesleyan.