The English major will consist of 10 units of literature, language, and writing, and a portfolio (0.25 units). Majors may concentrate on literature, creative writing, or non-fiction writing. All prospective majors are encouraged to take ENG 150 before enrolling in an upper-level course, and to plan ahead with regard to required seminars and advanced workshops. Requirements for each concentration are:

Literature Concentration: ENG 150, one theme course (ENG 145, ENG 176, ENG 180, ENG 182, ENG 224, ENG 226, ENG 228, ENG 266), 2 British literature courses (ENG 330 - ENG 354), one American literature course (ENG 268, ENG 273, ENG 278, and ENG 360 - ENG 374), one language or upper-level writing course (ENG 260, ENG 265, ENG 391, or ENG 395), one seminar, the portfolio (ENG 410); 3 electives. At least one course must deal with literature written prior to 1800.

ENG 105 does not count toward the major. Apprenticeships, while encouraged, are viewed as an extension of the major, not as a substitute for a regular course. ENG 495 and ENG 496 do not count toward the major.

A course taken credit/no entry may not be counted toward the major. At least seven of the ten courses must be taken at Ohio Wesleyan.