What is English 105?

You will focus on writing as a tool for learning and communicating. Students will develop critical thinking skills, productive writing habits, and a style appropriate for college-level writing. Several short papers and one longer paper are taken through stages of the writing process. Instructional formats include class discussion, workshop sessions, and individual conferences. A sequence of library assignments introduces students to the use of Beeghly Library and online resources as an integral part of the liberal arts education.
Freshmen may enroll in any of the one-hundred-level courses. Those who have exempted ENG 105 are encouraged to enroll in one of the one-hundred-level courses offered as an R-course.

Guide to English 105

Exempt from English 105

All incoming students take ENG 105 unless they are exempted on the basis of test scores, or in rare instances, at the discretion of the Director of Freshman Writing.

The following scores exempt you from ENG 105:

1. A score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement English Examination.

2. A score of 710 or higher on the verbal portion of the SAT.

3. A score of 710 or higher on the English Achievement Test of the College Entrance Examination Board.

4. A score of 30 or higher on the ACT sub-test in English.

Any special exemption made by the Director of Freshman Writing will be based on very high scores on one or more of the above tests and outstanding writing done for OWU courses in the student’s first semester, including a documented paper. Advanced transfer students will also be considered for exemption after presenting to the Director outstanding papers written recently at another institution.

In the event special exemption is granted, the Director of Freshman Writing will notify the Registrar to note the exemption on the student’s record. If you have questions about the exemption policy, contact the English Department Office (Sturges 205, ext. 3570).

Those who exempt Freshman Writing are encouraged to enroll in a writing intensive course (“R” course) during their first semester at Ohio Wesleyan.