Portfolio General Information

Register for ENG 410 (0.25 credits) when you register for your spring courses.

Preference Form: Fill out the Preference Form for the committee that will read your portfolio. Dr. Poremski, Portfolio Coordinator will send this form out to all senior English majors who are registered for ENG 410.

Sample Portfolio: Some students who completed portfolios in past years kindly have allowed us to make copies as examples for students and faculty. Those copies are in the English Department office; you can consult them at any time. They must remain in Sturges.

A Description of the Portfolio: We have designed the portfolio to begin with materials from your first English courses. If you have lost or misplaced those materials, at least provide a commentary on how each course (as you remember it) contributed to your development as a major.

Due Date: Portfolios are usually due in the middle of March prior to your May graduation.

Reading Your Portfolio: Every portfolio will be read by a committee of faculty members. A preferred committee form will be mailed to all registered for ENG 410 as soon as committees are established. Each committee will read a limited number of portfolios, and your requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Concluding Discussions: We have found our discussion with students about their portfolios to be especially helpful. We will schedule such a discussion with you after you have turned in your completed portfolio and the faculty committee has had a chance to read it. We may hold such discussions as a group, in pairs, or with individuals, depending on schedules.

Consultation and Advice: You should consider your advisor to be the “director” of your portfolio, in that he or she would be the first person to consult about it. Please feel free to consult the Portfolio Coordinator or any faculty member on your committee about it.

Informal Meeting: We will schedule a meeting early in the spring semester during which we will try to answer your questions about both the content of the portfolio and the procedures for compiling and submitting it.