1. An introduction (about 1,000 words), summarizing your development in the English major (with references to specific items in your Portfolio).  Consider (for example) how you have changed as a reader and writer, to what extent your courses have influenced those changes, in what ways you perceive the major or minor as coherent as well as relevant to your own interests.  Be sure to incorporate into this retrospective essay specific comments about particular projects or papers.  This retrospective essay is not meant to be an evaluation of faculty members nor an assessment of the specific offering of the courses you have taken, but rather your narrative account of your own development as reader and writer.  Note to minors:  You should address the relationship and relevance of your English minor to your major.
  2. A table of contents, listing each item included in the Portfolio.
  3. A list of courses used to fulfill the major or minor.
  4. Your Curriculum Vitae or Résumé.
  5. A job application letter or a graduate-school application essay.
  6. Your responses to at least one campus event for each course taken to fulfill the major or minor (if you have taken extra English courses, you only need ten responses).  The events may be sponsored by the English Department, or recommended or required by an English instructor.
  7. A brief commentary for each English course on how it contributed to your development within the major or minor, along with the best (one or two) pieces of work from each English course taken.
  8. Additional work that represents your accomplishments and interests (submissions to the OWL, significant papers from a course in another department, a summary of an internship experience, etc.).