ENG105: College Writing Seminar

Spring 2016, Dr. DeMarco
Sturges #009, TR 10:00-11:50

1. Topic-Oriented Discourse: Analytic Writing

Date       Reading                      Writing

Jan.  12


in class: Write a response to a prompt (provide a writing sample)


have read "Analyzing Textal Conventions," 69-85 in The Academic Writer

due: Identify 2-3 slang terms used at OWU that you use (or have heard used) to describe some activity, person, place or thing on campus (e.g. eating, studying; places students eat, places they study, food-preparers; students who study a lot, etc.). Write one sentence in which you use each slang term as it is commonly used at OWU. Then define each slang term as best you can.
Be prepared to discuss the three essays by Twenge (see the prompts on p. 80).
BRING your slang exercise and your textbook to class


h.r. (=have read) Hummon, "College Slang Revisited," 75-98 (on Black Board)

due: For one slang term, research the word's meanings in one of the slang dictionaries in Beeghly Library. Take notes on the word's origins and record its various meanings. Then write your own definition of the slang term and provide sentences that illustrate its most common use at OWU. If your word doesn't appear in a recent slang dictionary, do some definition work on the word "slang" itself.
BRING your slang definition work, a print out of the reading, and your textbook to class. (This is typically what you'll need for class)



h.r. "Conducting Field Research," 193-96 in The Academic Writer (hereafter abbreviated as AW"


due: Using the guidelines on survey design (p. 195), sketch out a plan to conduct a survey about college slang at OWU.
Before the weekend, send out your survey/begin polling/begin interviews



h.r.   Chapter 5, "Analyzing Academic Arguments," 90-102 (in AW), and excerpt from Eble's Slang and Sociability (on Blackboard)

due: Report on your survey/poll results.
Identify three aspects of Eble's discussion that might apply to your slang research.  Describe each, explaining how it might be relevant. (If you find fewer than 3 elements, describe aspects you think will not be useful and explain your judgment).



h.r. handout from Writing Analytically, sections on "Paraphrasing" (pp. 46-47) and "Passage-based Focused Freewriting," 48-52 (handout)

due: Choose 10 sentences from Hummon and Eble (you can pick and choose from either or both) that you think are worthy of attention/difficult to unpack. Type them up. Then paraphrase one of these sentences 3 times. For more guidance, re-look at the discussion of "paraphrasing 3x" in the handout and see figure 2.2 (p 46).
Then, choose one short passage (a single sentence would be ideal) from either Hummon or Eble and do the "Passage-based Freewrite" exercise (figure 2.3 on p. 49 of the handout).


Feb. 02


h.r. "Using Sources," (209-218) in AW

due by 2/1 at 7pm: Five specific elements of your survey/poll and hypotheses about what these results might suggest about OWU culture. Post to our Blackboard site. (I'll set up a thread).
Due before class time on Tuesday: respond to any 3 posted hypotheses that you find compelling.


Appointments tba in Sturges 315

No regular class meeting today: instead we meet individually for our first round of conferences in my office by appointment.
due at conference appt.: Reflective essay (full draft)



due: (Final) Reflective essay #1



due: Issue/point diagnostic, revisions to 3 paragraphs & Portfolio


2. Academic Discourse: Scholarly Writing

Date       Reading                      Writing



h.r. Chapter 7 "Doing Research," AW, 170-93 and the section on documentation styles in Little Seagull Handbook.

Research Skills Day. We meet in the Corns Bldg.
quiz at the beginning of class on research search techniques
due by 2/17 by 9pm: Post to Blackboard three possible books for your research paper.   Use the style guidelines in Little Seagull



h.r. Chapter 7, "Evaluating Sources," 198-206 in AW


Research Skills Day. We meet in Beeghly Lib, AV center
quiz at the beginning of class on Chapter 7




h.r. Chapter 8, "Writing in the Disciplines," 233-59 in AW and the sample research essay, 220-31 also in AW

Research Skills Day. We meet in the Corns Bldg.
due in class today: Your assessment of the authority of your sources/authors
due 2/24 by 9pm: Post three possible academic journal articles to Blackboard. Use the style guidelines in Little Seagull Handbook


h.r. "Conversing with Sources, Writing the Researched Paper," (181-96) on BlackBoard

due: (tentative) three research Qs and 2 annotated bibliography entries (Use entirely your own words)

Mar. 1

h.r. "Annotating" and "Summarizing," 275-79 in AW

due: Paper topic proposal



due: 2 abstracts 

7-11 March: Spring Break



due: Comparative exercise in which you put two of your sources into a conversation with each other.



due: Research paper progress report




due: Draft of your documented essay


No class today -- We meet instead by appointment in my office, Sturges 315


due: Bring diagnostic and revised essay to your conference appointment (Please highlight all your revisions).


h.r. "The Method," 25-37, 131-36 (handout)

due: (Final) documented essay #2 & portfolio



3. Text-Oriented Discourse: Interpretive Writing

Date       Reading                      Writing


h.r. Hamlet, Act I and handout on "The Method"

due: apply "the method" on Act I by making your own list of details

Apr.   5

h.r. Hamlet, Act II

due: quiz on Act I and II


h.r. Hamlet, Act III




h.r. Hamlet, Act IV and handout 129-31

due: 'Seems to be x, but could also be y' exercise


h.r. Hamlet, Act V

due: doppelgängers exercise


h.r. " Mastering the Essential Moves," AW, 137-44

due: thesis statements



due: 3 paragraphs of your paper



due: (final) Interpretative Essay #3; bring 2 copies to class



due: diagnostic and revisions to 3 ¶s; turn portfolio #3 in