ENG 145: Reading The Global Kitchen

Dr. Comorau / Fall 2014
nacomora@owu.edu / Sturges 304/ x3580
Office hours W 3p-4p, R 2p-4:30p, and by appointment
Library Liaison: Jillian Maruskin, jbmarusk@owu.edu

Course Introduction:
In this class we will read texts that consider how the ways in which we eat, prepare, remember, enjoy, and even refuse food speak to our cultures and our humanity. We will think about how food relates to culture, family, and nation (and many other aspects of our humanity). English 145 is designed for you to practice different ways of reading. With that in mind, we’ll read texts from many genres including memoirs, novels, films, blogs, and cookbooks. We will consider how different sorts of texts target and reach different audiences and how our relationship to food manages to infiltrate so much of what we read and write. This class is a part of the Food Course Connection. If you’d like more information on how to be a part of the course connection, please let me know.


Austin Clarke, Pigtails and Breadfruit*
Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nervous Conditions
Kiran Desai, The Inheritance of Loss
Shoba Narayan, Monsoon Diary
George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London
Monique Truong, The Book of Salt
*All of the above available at the OWU bookstore except for Pigtails and Breadfruit, which you will need to purchase online. See “Readings” section for more details

Kings of Pastry
1 additional film TBA

Reading Schedule:
Complete the reading listed for each date before class begins on that day. On film days should view the film before class. Films will be on reserve in the library, and I will plan a group screening for each film we watch.

This schedule is subject to change. There will probably be some additional (short) readings. If you miss class, contact a classmate and find out what you missed.

M    8/25         Course Introduction             
W   8/27         Kings of Pastry: screen in Beeghly before class
F     8/29        Nervous Conditions: chapters 1-3

M   9/1          Nervous Conditions: chapters 4-5
W   9/3         Nervous Conditions: chapters 6-7
F     9/5         Nervous Conditions: chapters 8-10 

M   9/8          Hunger: screen in Beeghly before class
W   9/10       Monsoon Diary: pp. 1-58
F     9/12        Monsoon: pp. 59-120

M   9/15        Monsoon: pp. 121-167
W   9/17        Monsoon: pp. 168-223
F     9/19        Pigtails and Breadfruit: pp. 1-41

M   9/22        Pigtails: pp. 42-99
W   9/24        Pigtails: pp. 100-146
F   9/26         Pigtails: pp. 147-190

M   9/29        Pigtails: pp. 191-248
W   10/1        The Book of Salt: pp. 1-53
F   10/3         Salt: pp. 54-118

M   10/6        Salt: pp. 119-152
W   10/8        Salt: pp. 153-216
F     10/10     Salt: pp. 217-261; midterm review

M   10/13     Midterm
W   10/15     Fall Break
F    10/17     Fall Break

M   10/20     Introducing Cookbook Assignment (no homework or reading for today)
W   10/22      Down and Out in Paris and London: pp. 1-55
F     10/24     Down and Out: pp. 55-105 

M   10/27     Down and Out: pp. 105-160
W   10/29      Down and Out: pp. 160-213
F     10/31     Poetry (posted on Blackboard)

M   11/3        Presentations, Reading a Cookbook assignment
W  11/5       Presentations continued
F     11/7        Presentations continued

M   11/10     Presentations continued
W   11/12      The Inheritance of Loss: pp. 1-60
F     11/14     Inheritance: pp. 61-113

M   11/17     Inheritance: pp. 114-177
W   11/19     Inheritance: pp. 178-249
F   11/21       Inheritance: pp. 250-296      

***Thanksgiving Break***

M   12/1         Inheritance: pp. 297-357
W   12/3        Film, tba
F   12/5         Presentations Reading a Food Blog assignment

M   12/8        Presentations continued
W   12/10      Presentations continued
F   12/12      Presentations continued 

Grading Breakdown:

Participation (includes quizzes, in-class writing, hw, etc.) 15%
Reading Journal 20%
Cookbook Assignment 15%
Food Blog Assignment 15%
Midterm 15%
Final 20%

Assignments and course policies:

In this class we learn through reading and discussion. You are expected to be an active participant in all class discussions. Being an active participant means you will show up on time having completed the reading assigned for that day with a copy of that reading assigned for that day. Active participation means offering your ideas and also listening to and engaging with those of others. Finally, active participation means NOT texting or using your phone, laptop, or other electronic devices during class. Turn your electronic devices off and leave them in your bag. Using phones in class will result in a serious grade reduction. To be clear, all phones and other electronic devices should be turned off and put away. They should not be in your hands, on your desk, or in your lap.

Reading Journal:
Throughout the semester you will keep a weekly reading journal, posted on the “Discussion Board” section of Blackboard. Each journal entry will respond to the work we will read in class the next day. We will use the journal entries to help spark class discussion. You will be assigned to journal for Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays; your journal entry must be posted by 8pm the day before class (so Monday journals are due by 8pm Sunday). I will post a schedule and detailed assignment sheet on Blackboard.

Cookbook Assignment:
For this assignment you will choose a cookbook and read it critically. You will present your readings in class on 11/3, 11/5, 11/7, or 11/10. I will post a detailed assignment sheet on Blackboard when we get closer to the date. Attendance will be critical on these four days.

Food Blog Assignment:
Throughout the semester you will follow a food blog of your choosing. There are many types out there—blogs about cooking, blogs about baking, blogs about eating in restaurants. You will read your chosen blog regularly, report on what you are reading periodically, and give a presentation on it at the end of the semester. I will post a detailed assignment sheet on Blackboard. Again, attendance will be critical during presentation days.

Midterm :
We will have a midterm exam in class on Monday, October 13th. The midterm will cover everything we have studied until that point. You must be in class to take the midterm.

Final :
We will have a comprehensive final exam on Tuesday, December 16th at 7:30 pm. There will be no alternate times offered. As with any other class, you must schedule your plans for winter break around your classes, not the other way around.