Fine Arts Major with Concentration in Art History: 11 to 13 courses. These shall include ART 110, ART 111, ART 112, ART 113, and ART 345 or ART 347; at least three additional art history courses from among: ART 300.3, ART 341, ART 342, ART 343, ART 344, ART 345, ART 346, ART 347, ART 348 and ART 349; at least two additional studio art courses, and a senior capstone course in art history. Candidates for the B.A. degree in fine arts with concentration in art history must complete all competency requirements as stated under REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL DEGREES and the DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS. The exception for Fine Arts students listed under Distribution Requirements does not apply to those concentrating in art history. Courses taken credit/no entry may not be applied toward the major. Credits awarded for internships or apprenticeships, including ART 495, cannot be counted among the 11 basic units for the major.