K-12 Education Teacher Workshops were presented by faculty at Ohio Wesleyan University for the teaching of hands-on, inquiry based science activities to K-12 teachers, for use with their students. The activities were designed to be consistent with the Ohio Model Science Curriculum. Funding for these workshops came from the Eisenhower Professional Development Program, the Ohio Board of Regents, the Howard Hughes Undergraduate Biomedical Research Institute, and Ohio Wesleyan University.

The geology/earth science portions of these workshops are available via these links:

  • Project Primary: This workshop focused on projects appropriate to the early elementary years. June 1997.
  • Project MIST: This workshop, Modeling Intermediate Science Teaching, was developed for 4th and 5th grade teachers. June 1999.
  • Project MOG-TOS: This workshop, Meeting Ohio Graduation Test Outcomes in Science, was targeted toward science teachers in grades 7 - 12. June 2001.