Choose a category. These activities are appropriate for children in grades K-3, but may be easily adapted to other grade levels.

The workshop activities developed for Earth Science focus on four significant topics which relate directly to peoples’ lives and are also exciting, particularly from the perspective of children, tapping into their natural curiosity, and, I hope, triggering questions which will get them thinking beyond these activities about their world. While each of the four topics can be presented alone, they are presented here in a logical progression, linking one to the next through an important concept, or physical link as on Earth. Collectively, the goals for these activities are to demonstrate:

  • The inter-relatedness of life and the physical planet
  • The importance of understanding scientific phenomena for all people, not just future scientists
  • To impart knowledge which leads through student curiosity to continued inquiry
  • To spur creativity
  • And to have fun!

Karen Fryer
Professor of Geology

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