All students majoring or minoring in Geology or Earth Science must consult with members of the geology faculty in the selection of their courses. Students majoring in Geology must also submit a plan for your major to the Chair of the department.

Bachelor of Science in Geology

The B.S. in Geology prepares students to do professional work or to attend graduate school in geology or related fields (e.g., geochemistry, geophysics, environmental geology). Course requirements are based on graduate school and industry requirements, and conform to the American Institute of Professional Geologists recommendations for the undergraduate geology major.

A minimum of twelve unit courses is required: GEOL 110, GEOL 111 (.25 unit), GEOL 112, GEOL 290, GEOL 310, GEOL 320, and GEOL 340; two other GEOL courses numbered above 265, one of which must be numbered above 300 (except GEOL 318); CHEM 110 and CHEM 111; MATH 110 and MATH 111, or MATH 110 and MATH 105 or MATH 230; a capstone experience - typically GEOL 490, GEOL 491, or GEOL 495; formal instruction in technical writing either by enrollment in GEOL 345 or by arrangement with a geology faculty member in conjunction with a GEOL 490, GEOL 491, or upper level R course in Geology. The following additional courses are recommended based on professional and graduate school requirements: GEOL 315, GEOL 330, GEOL 345; PHYS 110C, PHYS 111C; MATH 111; BIOL 120, BIOL 122.

Bachelor of Science Geology majors are encouraged to take a summer field course at another college or university chosen in consultation with members of the geology faculty. Majors are also strongly encouraged to participate in research or an apprenticeship.

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

The B.A. in Geology is for those students interested in geology as a course of study, but who do not intend to become professional geologists. In combination with courses in the social sciences (e.g., economics, geography, or politics and government), the general major is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers (e.g., environmental law, or legal, financial, or administrative positions in the mineral resource, energy, and environmental industries). If students subsequently decide to attend graduate school in geology, they will need to take courses in chemistry, math, and physics, but will have the geology courses necessary for admittance to graduate departments.

Ten unit courses are required: GEOL 110, GEOL 111 (.25 unit), GEOL 112, GEOL 290, GEOL 310, GEOL 320, and GEOL 340; two other upper-level GEOL courses numbered above 265; two courses from among ASTR, BIOL, BOMI, CHEM, CS, MATH, PHYS, and ZOOL.