Fifteen unit courses are required as follows:

Core Courses

Astronomy ASTR 110, ASTR 345
Chemistry CHEM 110
Geology GEOL 110, GEOL 111 (0.25 unit course), GEOL 280, GEOL 345
Mathematics MATH 110 and MATH 111
Physics PHYS 110C, PHYS 111C

Choices (1 from each group)

GEOG 353 or GEOG 355
GEOL 285 or GEOL 340
GEOL 290 or GEOL 310 or GEOL 330

Individual Work

A minimum of 1.0 unit of research as either ASTR 499 or GEOL 490, focused on an aspect of planetary science.

Please discuss your specific interests within planetary science with any of the Planetary Science advisors to help make your selections and plan for your research components.