The major in Nutrition requires 14 full­-unit or 1.25-­unit courses and 2 modular courses that can be combined to count as a full-­unit course. Requirements for the major are divided into core requirements and electives. The core requirements consist of the equivalent of 11 courses, 6 in nutrition and 5 from supporting fields. Of the remaining required elective course, 2 must be a nutrition-­related offering, and 2 must be from a supporting department. This major can be enhanced with additional natural science and nutrition­-related courses for students with a future goal of pursuing graduate work to become a Registered Dietician (dietetics).

Note: Students interested in completing this major must have a combined GPA of 2.33 or better in HHK 1XX, HHK 2XX, BIOL 120 and obtain department approval before proceeding.

In all course listings below, new courses are marked with an asterisk (*)

Core Nutrition Requirements (all are required)

  • Introduction to Food and Nutrition: HHK1XX*
  • Food, Culture, and Society: HHK2XX*
  • Lifespan Nutrition: HHK3XX* (HHK1XX; ZOOL251 or ZOOL325)
  • Human Nutrition: HHK31X* (BIOL120, ZOOL251 or ZOOL325, and HHK1XX)
  • Both of the following modular courses:
    • Health Program Planning: HHK300.8 (0.5 units)
    • Health Instructional Strategies: HHK300.9 (0.5 units)
  • Apprenticeship: HHK495

Core Other Requirements (all are required)

  • Introduction to Cell Biology: BIOL120
  • General Chemistry I: CHEM110
  • One of the following statistics courses:
    • Basic Probability and Statistics: MATH105
    • Quantitative Methods: PSYC210 (PSYC110 and one additional PSYC course)
    • Applied Statistics: MATH230 (MATH110)
    • Biostatistics: MATH200.3 (MATH110)
  • One of the following courses providing exposure to physiology:
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology: ZOOL251 (BIOL120, BIOL122, or ZOOL101)
    • Human Physiology: ZOOL325 (BIOL120 and CHEM110, or ZOOL251)
  • Senior Seminar: HHK499

Nutrition Electives (2 are required)

  • Food: BOMI107
  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition: HHK270 (BIOL120, BIOL122, or ZOOL101 or equivalent; HHK260; or consent)
  • Special Topics in Health and Human Kinetics: A Qualitative Investigation: HHK347 (junior or senior status or consent)
  • Nutrition Counseling: HHK35X* (HHK31X Human Nutrition)
  • Public Health: Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues PSYC326 (PSYC110 and 2 tier 2 psychology courses or permission of instructor)
  • Global Nutrition: HHK3XX* (HHK1XX and HHK2XX Food, Culture, and Society)

Other Electives (2 are required)

  • Personal Health and Exercise: HHK114 (freshmen, sophomores, or consent)
  • Introduction to Psychology: PSYCH110
  • Health Psychology: PSYC262 (PSYC110)
  • Behavior Modification: PSYC366 (PSYC110 and two Tier 2 courses. Tier 3 course)
  • Genetics: BIOL271 (BIOL120)
  • Human Anatomy: ZOOL300.12 (BIOL120)
  • Social Inequality: SOAN359 (SOAN 110 or 117, or consent)
  • Public Administration: PG356