The history major requires a minimum of eleven courses. To ensure breadth of knowledge, the department requires that majors complete at least two courses from each of the three departmental areas: America, Europe, and the Developing World. To ensure depth of knowledge, no more than three courses at the 100-level (only two of which may come from any one field) may count toward the required eleven.  To ensure temporal knowledge, all majors must complete ONE of the following courses: HIST 110, HIST 111, HIST 322, HIST 334, HIST 341, HIST 342, HIST 343, HIST 345, HIST 355, or an appropriate independent study, honors, or topics course.

All majors must also complete HIST 250 (Historical Inquiry) with a C- or better, preferably in the sophomore year, and HIST 493 (Historical Research) in the junior or senior year. Students who have a strong interest in a particular topic, wish to earn departmental honors, or plan to attend graduate school may submit a research proposal for a two-semester independent project. The research proposal must be submitted for departmental approval no later than week twelve of the spring semester of the junior year and have the endorsement of the full-time member of the Department of History who will supervise the independent project.

The department will also accept successful completion of departmental honors requirements in lieu of HIST 493. Students interested in post-graduate study in history should consider the junior track for departmental honors so that the project can be completed before graduate school applications are due.