The major in Data Analytics will consist of 13 courses.

  1. DATA110: Introduction to Data Analytics
  2. CS110: Introduction to Computer Science
  3. MATH110: Calculus I
  4. MATH230: Applied Statistics
  5. CS210: Intermediate Computer Science and Data Structures
  6. CS28X: Databases and Machine Learning for Data Analytics
  7. ENG312: Writing for the Sciences
  8. DATA250: Social, Ethical, and Cultural Impact of Big Data
  9. DATA280: Data Visualization and Presentation
  10. DATA390: Methods in Data Analytics
  11. DATA490: Capstone in Data Analytics
  12. Two cognates from any one discipline below or other courses as approved by the director or steering committee of the major.

Politics and Government

PG 279 and one of the follow
PG 261 or PG 344 or PG 347 or PG 363 or PG 359


ECON 251
ECON 355


ACCT 280
BUS 462 or BUS 465


BUS 361
ACCT 351


PHYS 111
PHYS 280

Computer Science


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Department Contact

Chair: Mark Schwartz

Secretary: Kathy Boger
Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 201