Mathematics major: MATH 111, MATH 210, MATH 250, MATH 270, MATH 340 or MATH 370, and a minimum of four additional mathematics courses numbered 230 or above. Also, CS 110 or equivalent knowledge of programming. It is suggested that MATH 250 and CS 110 be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

It is possible to do a concentration in statistics within the mathematics major. To obtain the major designation Mathematics major (Statistics Concentration), one must complete a mathematics major which includes MATH 230, MATH 340, MATH 350, and either MATH 360 or MATH 365 (preferably both).

Some students complete a Mathematics major with the goal of being licensed to teach mathematics in secondary school. In order to meet the licensure requirements in Ohio these students must select MATH 230 and MATH 320 among their electives and also take MATH 370.

Recommended courses to prepare for graduate school in mathematics include MATH 330, MATH 340, MATH 370, MATH 440, and MATH 470. In particular, a strong preparation for graduate school will include more than the minimum number of courses required to complete the mathematics major.