Please submit a music composition portfolio of three works. Include recordings of at least two of the submitted works if possible. MIDI realizations are acceptable.

You may either submit hard copies of scores and recordings or send them electronically. These need not be memorized.

At the spring 2014 composition recital, members of the professional musical group Conundrum played pieces composed by OWU students. Shown working with the musicians are assistant professor Jennifer Jolley (left) and student composers Rob O’Neill, Todd Zucker, and Khoa Lam. (Photo by Dakota Parrish ’16)

In this case, it’s a matter of translating theory into practice, practice, practice to ensure the final pieces hit just the right notes.

Ohio Wesleyan students in the music composition class have spent the semester writing their own music pieces for one to four instruments. In addition, they’ve recruited other OWU students to practice and perform their compositions, with the upcoming performances counting as jury/final examination events for those taking the Jemison Auditorium stage.

The free composition concert was held at 3:15 p.m. November 20 in Sanborn Hall. It featured four pieces written by OWU students Colin Pietron ’18, Khoa Lam ’16Jacob Miller ’16, and Alan Klinect ’15.

Klinect, a music education major, says most of his classmates began writing their compositions at the beginning of the semester and finished around a week ago.

Lam says his piece is called “Pedals,” and is written for solo piano. He describes the composition as “light sounding, but can be very dissonant at times.”

Pietron explains that music majors are required to complete a final project after each semester, with the composition and concert counting toward that credit. His piece is written for the violin and contains a lot of rhythms.

“Basically I wanted a shift between ‘happy oblivious’ to ‘intense dramatic’ feelings,” he says.

OWU students will perform their peers’ compositions this week, but previously Jolley also has brought in professional musicians to play the compositions and conduct a master class. The student performers will be Brooke Waite ’17Kelly Summers ’17Arie Leffel ’15ZoAnn Schutte ’16Chris Brinich ’17, and Jacob Miller, who also is having a work performed in the recital.