All candidates should be prepared with major and minor scales and arpeggios (four octaves). An audition for a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance should include a Prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier by Bach; two contrasting movements from a Sonata by Haydn, Mozart (excluding K. 545) or Beethoven (excluding Op. 49, Nos. 1 or 2); and a representative composition from the nineteenth or twentieth century. All works must be performed from memory. A short sight-reading test will be given.

An audition for the Bachelor of Music degree with emphasis in Music Education should consist of a two-part invention by Bach (or similar level of difficulty) and compositions in two other contrasting styles. These need not be memorized.


(1) Prelude and Fugue by Bach (one of the “Eight Little” or a comparable work), (2) Chorale Prelude by Bach, Buxtehude, et cetera, (3) Work in a contrasting style.



A candidate must sing from memory two contrasting selections chosen from songs and arias of the 17th and 18th centuries; art songs from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries; arias from operas or oratorios when suitable for the singer’s level of advancement. It is preferred that one of these selections be in a language other than English. Popular songs including Broadway and religious popular songs are not appropriate.