Austin Wood '21

The individual attention I am able to receive from my professors allows me to become the best musician and student I can be! Ohio Wesleyan’s department of music faculty are some of the best, and I consider myself lucky to work with them every day.


Noah Green ’21, B.M., Music Composition

My experience being a part of the Department of Music at OWU has had such an impact on me both as a musician and as a student. I’ve had so many opportunities to improve my craft as a violinist and composer, but also to expand my network of peers through professional development conferences, music festivals, and collaboration with other departments. I couldn’t imagine getting my degree anywhere else

Luis Gonzales ’21, B.M., Instrumental Music Education

The Music Department at Ohio Wesleyan has given me a great amount of support and has filled me with some enriching educational experiences. These include connections with local teachers and musicians, gigs, and trips across the country to professional development conferences. Going into my third year now, I have made connections in my field of study that I wouldn't have found at very large institutions. This is due to the amount of one-on-one support that our faculty provides to students. Rather than being a number in a large lecture hall, at OWU I have the support of my professors across all my courses. I also really enjoy the flexibility faculty offers with office hours. If I ever need guidance or support, I don't hesitate to stop by my professor's office. 

I have found that the most enriching experiences of all have been through my Educational Methods courses. I have gained hours of valuable teaching and classroom observation experiences before student teaching my senior year. I've always been someone who is a little shy in front of large crowds, so having these small teaching experiences have been a tremendous help for that. I'm looking forward to this upcoming semester!

Hannah Treadway ’21, B.A., Instrumental Applied Music and B.A., 

I often reflect on my first year being a music major in OWU’s Music Department in search of the all-defining moment when I realized that this was the place for me, and each time I come up empty-handed. That is, I am incapable of identifying only ONE such moment. Instead, I am left with a myriad of beautiful, unforgettable experiences that will accompany me for a lifetime to come. Perhaps I knew when a long, hard semester spent studying jazz with Dr. Gamso was concluded with a class trip to New Orleans to listen to the genre in practice, or maybe when a group of us had the chance to visit a Conn-Selmer production plant with Dr. Edwards and see the assembly of the instruments we play daily. Maybe it was when Dr. Hiester invited me to take part in my first true paid gig (singing in a choir for a professional ballet), or maybe when Dr. Griffin’s stern demeanor in the band room was finally made to break into a smile when I had managed to tackle a crazy passage, and he began offering me gigs himself. Did I fall in love the first time I truly performed on stage in Jemison Auditorium, or when I received a respectful nod and grin from Dr. Ginther after my orchestra concert and I realized it was the best performance I’d ever given? It’s possible that when my instrumental talents took to the big stage in the school’s production of Cabaret I knew I’d found my place, or when I got to play my peers’ original compositions for their friends and families, or while I was struggling through yet another one of Dr. Chiou’s harmonic dictations, or when I got to play for cancer patients at a hospital in Columbus (accompanied by the lovely Dr. Kaneda, of course). The truth of it is, that moment I was talking about before? It doesn’t exist. Rather, it is a culmination of a great many moments, those spent in the practice room, on stage, and off-campus alike. Though I am constantly challenged in the environment created by this department, the pushing is being done by professors and mentors that I now consider family.

Ni Dong ’20, B.M., Piano Performance

The Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Music has great professors and they provide many performance opportunities for music students. All of the professors in the department of music are kind and patient. When I have any questions, they are willing to provide assistance. I enjoy several exciting recitals each semester. Recital performances provide me opportunities to collaborate with my peers. Piano majors are assigned Steinway grand practice rooms. The pianos in the practice rooms are excellent and I am excited about studying piano performance at Ohio Wesleyan University. Ohio Wesleyan University is a dream come true. 


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