The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music is provided for those students desiring a music concentration within a liberal arts degree program. Students preparing for professional work in music normally follow a Bachelor of Music curriculum. Distribution requirements for the B.A. in music (all emphasis) can be found in the Distribution Requirements section.

The B.A. in Music major consists of 12 units: MUSP 020 (each semester), MUS 109, MUS 155, MUS 156, MUS 255, MUS 357, MUS 358; MUS 256 or MUS 359; MUS 347 or MUS 348; MUS 116; two units of applied lessons in the same area with at least 0.25 units of study each semester of residence; two units of major ensemble credit are required and majors must be enrolled in a major ensemble (determined by area of applied study) every semester of residence, and one music elective. Students must also meet the performance requirement described in the Department of Music Handbook and on the website.