Students must complete a total of 34.25 graduation units, including music organizations. Candidates must complete 8 units of applied composition, two units in an applied minor (which does not have to be in the same instrument), and must meet, prior to graduation, piano proficiency requirements as established by the music department. All music composition majors must successfully complete two semesters in each of the following ensembles:  Chamber Orchestra, Choral Art Society, and Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Required courses in music are MUSP 020 (each semester), MUS 109, MUS 155, MUS 156, MUS 230, MUS 240; two courses selected from MUS 241, MUS 243, MUS 245, or MUS 247; MUS 255, MUS 256, MUS 355, MUS 356, MUS 357, MUS 358, and MUS 359. Other course requirements include ENG 105, one other English course (focusing on either composition or literary analysis), one course in Physics or Computer Science (PHYS 101, CS 103, or CS 110), one course in Fine Arts and Theater, plus 5.5 elective units. Students must also complete the University’s requirements in cultural diversity and quantitative skills.