Students must complete a total of 34 to 34.50 graduation units (depending on the area of specialization) plus music organizations with a major in piano, voice, organ, percussion, or an orchestral or band instrument. Candidates must complete eight units in the performance major and two units in an applied minor (which does not have to be in the same instrument), and must meet, prior to graduation, piano proficiency requirements as established by the music department. All performance majors must complete an independent study in the pedagogy and literature of their applied area, as described in the Department of Music Handbook, prior to the final semester of applied study.

Required courses in music are: MUSP 020 (each semester), MUS 109, MUS 155, MUS 156, MUS 230, MUS 231, MUS 232 and MUS 233 (keyboard majors only), MUS 235 and MUS 236 (voice majors only), MUS 255, MUS 256, MUS 355, MUS 356 (instrumental majors only), MUS 357, MUS 358, MUS 359, and MUS 490. Twelve total electives are required: eight units from other departments, including one unit of English composition, and five elective units in music and/or non-music areas, including the University cultural diversity (which must be met by taking MUS 347 or MUS 348) and quantitative reasoning requirements. Voice majors must take, or meet by proficiency, three units of foreign language, one each of French, German, and Italian, which are included in the eight units from other departments. Keyboard majors must enroll for two semesters of Piano Accompanying (MUSP 012).